Erie Street Art Opening


For those looking to find a great spot to visit during Sunday’s Hoboken Artists Studio Tour – check out Erie Street Antiques (533 Washington)!

Movimiento Adelante

wendy lewis whirling sweetness - Erie Street Art OpeningSome of you may or may not know about this hidden jewel in Hoboken, the store is called Erie Street Antiques and they have been in Hoboken for almost 15 years now. They carry a wide variety of vintage furniture, “One of A Kind” Home Accessories, Art, Jewelry, Books, Stained Glass, Gift Items and so much more!

Located just 5 Minutes away from New York City, the address is 533 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ. Store hours are Thursday and Friday 2-8pm and Sat and Sun 12-6pm.

This weekend Erie Street Antiques is proud to host the beautiful paintings and Silk Aquatint of artist Wendy Lewis in an exhibition entitled Movimiento Adelante. These paintings, created during her worldwide journeys and from her imagination are an intimate portrayal of her reverence for the many places and cultures that have crossed her path over several years. Her visions of several countries are portrayed here including Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Italy, Brazil and many more. Her most recent work reflects her enthusiasm as a Tango dancer and her recent visits to Buenos Aires.

5604296 513 - Erie Street Art Opening

Read much more about Wendy after the jump…

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(Erie Street art opening, featuring Wendy Lewis, continued…)

Wendy grew up in a home environment that venerated foreign cultures and languages and it was a natural progression for travel to become an essential part of her life. She states that it is through drawing and painting that she really gets to know the culture and inhabitants of her destinations. When sketching the people and places that she observes she is often surrounded by large groups of local inhabitants who enjoy watching her create images that are familiar to them.

In many of the paintings she prefers to use watercolors because they are easily transportable, the colors are sumptuous, and their layered transparency captures the transitory and unpredictable nature of travel. Her work is vibrant and inviting, and displays an understanding of the innate qualities of this medium. Some of her abstract paintings are also on view. She has created what she calls “subconscious doodling” for years. This work is humorous and playful.

5604313 4f6 - Erie Street Art Opening

Her latest Silk Aquatints, a technique similar to Collagraph are achieved using an etching press. Distinct tones & textures and vivid color can be obtained with this method.
When Wendy isn’t using water to paint with, you can find her at her studio using water to create fountains. She is also a sculptor of fountains and kinetic works that use a magical mix of motors and found materials to engage her audiences.

She is based in Union City, NJ and has a remarkable resume of accomplishments. Her many awards include a prestigious grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, a residency at Europos Parkas in Lithuania, commissions from the Montclair Art Museum and the Morris Museum, a fellowship from Skidmore College, and a residency at Sculpture Space in Utica, New York. Wendy has exhibited in galleries, universities, and alternative spaces throughout the Northeast, as well as in Europe and Cuba. She is on the board of trustees of City Without Walls in Newark, and received an MFA from SUNY Albany in Sculpture and a BFA in painting from the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Munich, Germany.

The reception will be held on Sunday October 19th from 12-6pm in conjunction with the Hoboken Artist’s Studio Tour. (See below for more info)

Dates of Show: October 17-November 1
Hours: Thurs/Fri. 2-8PM, Sat./Sun. 12-6PM

Contact Info:

Contact The Artist At:
Email: Necheck@Yahoo.Com
Phone: 973-229-6307
Website: (catalogue of over 90 images of ptgs.)
Erie Street Antiques Phone #: 201-656-3596

Transportation from NYC:
Easily accessible by PATH Train.
Hoboken is also accessible by NJ Transit Trains & Buses, Hudson Bergen Lightrail and NY Waterway Ferries.

erie street antiques hoboken 1 - Erie Street Art Opening

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