Hobokenpix: No dogs!


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Hoboken Photo of the Day – 10/15/2008

Since we’re in the spirit of “picture galleries” today, here’s a few anti-dog signs I spotted a week or two uptown in Hoboken!

Get your grimy dog away from here!


See a couple more after the jump!!

(We don’t want no dogs here, continued…)


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[quote comment=”112310″][quote comment=”112287″] They are the same 5% (maybe 50% to some people!) of dog owners that don’t pick up their dog poop, and make the rest of the law abiding citizens look bad. [/quote] If all those piles of crap on EVERY block of EVERY street EVERY day represent just 5% of the dog population then we’re truly overrun. But regardless of the actual number, I’ll say ENOUGH (as in “sufficient number of”) dog owners are irresponsible. The threshold has been surpassed however you slice it.[/quote] Hans, you must of stepped in it. Statistically, there are probably at least 10-12,000 dogs in Hoboken. Yes, there is going to be residual. But, just change what you wrote and insert “people.” People are irresponisible and not only leave dog crap, but beer bottles, vomit, pizza boxes, chicken wings and anything else they don’t feel like picking up. We once did a “Clean Sweep” day in Hoboken where we cleand up the parks and I can only say there was far, far more residual from people than dogs. In fact, I don’t remember cleaning up any dog poop in the park, but everything else. Just take one block – say on Washington Street. Walk down that block and count how many piles of poop as compared to how many pieces, piles, or whatever, of something else, left by people. Don’t forget to count the cigarette butts. I’m not making excuses for irresponsible dog owners, but ENOUGH with the hatin’ on anyone who… Read more »

[quote comment=”112297″][quote comment=”112291″]Those pix remind me of the “No Dogs Allowed” scene in “Snoopy Come Home.”[/quote]
Great reference!! I loved that movie. :mrgreen:[/quote]

Me too, Katie. Whenever I read these signs, I almost hear the “no dogs allowed” Eeyore voice.


Er, douchEbag.


[quote comment=”112338″]No Dogs Allowed sign in a town that is supposed to be dog friendly?!?
Well, How about a No Double Baby Strollers on the Sidewalk sign?
I can’t tell you how many times a mother has nearly run over my dog or my feet for that matter with her 8 million dollar stroller.
Please, we all need to relax with the don’t do this and that. It’s a public park, we should all be able to enjoy it. My dog likes running through the grass as much as your kids do. There’s not a lot of it around maybe we can draw a chalk line and divide it up. :twisted:[/quote]

Agreed. The kids, I like. The douchbag, rude, arrogant stroller-pushing parents ‘n nannies who stampede about town as though they own all of Hoboken’s sidewalks, I do not like.


[quote comment=”112338″]My dog likes running through the grass as much as your kids do. There’s not a lot of it around maybe we can draw a chalk line and divide it up. :twisted:[/quote]

Yes, but the children rarely will piss or poop all over the grass (usually most have diapers!), unlike a dog who would be more apt to do that.

We don’t have these signs up just to be dog unfriendly, we have it up because there are far too many dog owners who are irresponsible about curbing their dogs and think that it’s ok for their little precious pooch to shit and piss all over public grass.

Then the kids go to play on the grass and they are rolling in dog excrement. 🙄