A “bad” student driver crashes


Here we have a “really bad driver” in the making. If operating a low-power four cylinder student driving vehicle creates this much mayhem – the person should NEVER be granted a drivers license. However, this is Hoboken, you know!

Took place on the corner of 8th and Monroe – across the street from the bankrupt 720 Monroe Center for the arts.

The car struck one parked vehicle as well as a motorcycle. One person was taken to HUMC. The call originally came in as a “pedestrian struck by vehicle.” Unsure if a pedestrian was the one injured or not…

Oh, and one off-duty Hoboken cop observing the scene from the sideline sees me and says “Hey look at that guy taking pictures” and gave me a nasty look.


See the rest of the images after the jump.


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[quote comment=”111615″]Why don’t they make these people learn in a giant empty parking lot until the learn to drive in straight lines and use the break pedal. I believe the movie theater lot in Edgewater is empty this time of day.[/quote]

funny you say that. my driver’s test in PA consisted of me getting in the car, pulling up to a stop sign and making a right turn, and then another stop sign – which leads to a main road – to make a left turn.

the problem is, that main road, about 50 yards down on the left, had a very sharp bend in it – so you couldn’t see what was coming. i was petrified to pull out and make that left turn, while also looking to the right and see what was coming – though i was at least close to the intersection and had the light there.

i think people need to learn on real roads, but I don’t consider hoboken real roads. it’s a nuthouse in this town! they definitely shouldn’t be driving in hoboken as “student drivers”. take them to a lower traffic area or a parking lot like you said.


What’s Joe Tag doing there, selling christmas trees already? 😯


It might be worth it for 411 to apply for press credentials to help in such police ‘encounters’. They are issued in NJ by the State Police in conjunction with teh NJ Press Association (print) and NJ Broadcasters Assn. (broadcast outlets). 411 Might be able to make a case to the NJPA.


So much for parallel parking practice.



Did you see the article about the 50 cameras they’re putting up around Hoboken? They’re allowed to take all the photos they want of you, but if you try to take one of them they’ll flip a shit.