1202 Hudson fire fundraiser


After the tragic 1202 Hudson fire at the beginning of October, Hobokenites have come together with multiple ways you can donate to help out.

Here’s another message from 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason – plus information about a fundraiser at Madison Bar & Grill tomorrow night:


Time for neighbors to help neighbors

Dear Friends,

Last week, our neighbors at 1202 Hudson Street suffered a terrible tragedy, and they are in need of our help.

A fire raced through the five-story building at about 3 a.m., killing an 80 year old woman and leaving others homeless. This is the second such tragedy to hit our community in 10 months.

In response to the first fire, you were generous in your help to the victims. I am asking you to again be generous in aiding these latest victims who live in our community.

I realize times are difficult economic times, and many of you are watching every dime you spend. But now is the time to count our blessings and pull together to help those in our community. Right now our neighbors are living without adequate clothing, or food. Their home is gone and they don’t know where they will be living next week or next month or next year.

Compare their lives to yours and show the compassion that I know you can.

We are collecting donations for the fire victims and you can help by donating to the Second Ward Victims Fire Fund at either the Wachovia Bank branch at #2 14th Street, or the Wachovia Bank at River and First Street. Donations can also be made by via PayPal at my web site: www.MASONCITYCOUNCIL.ORG

A fundraiser for the fire victims fund is also being held on October 13 at the Madison Bar from 7pm to 9pm The donation is $15. I encourage you to attend and bring a friend.

Thank you for your generosity,

Beth Mason

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