Saturday Night Police Action


A little over a month ago – I did a Hoboken411 experiment “An hour in the life of Hoboken.” A transcript of sorts – of what is overheard on the Hoboken411 Police and Fire action channel… I picked a rather tame time-period, but it was interesting nonetheless.

I chose a more “active” time the second go around – and here’s pretty much exactly what happened just a short while ago in your favorite town (no formatting this time – I’m too tired!!!):


Hoboken Happenings 02:43 – 03:44 hours 10/12/2008:

2:43am – “Postman” announces that Lounge11 closed up early – no issues tonight
2:44 – Officer that was on duty at Lounge11 “goes back into service”
An officer calls in a car tow from an earlier accident (I think – just started listening)
2:45 – An officer gives a warning to a lost vehicle that obviously did something wrong – driver was “sent on their way”…
2:46 – a cop is at 10th and Washington “with one” (i.e., either a pull-over or an investigation)
Lana Lounge is reported to be closing up and “OK” at this moment
2:47 – (Ambulance Call) 514 Madison St. – Elderly 78 year old male feeling sick
2:48 – dispatcher provides case number and time to an officer that was on a previous case…
2:49 – two officers communicate about status – one cop is “taking a break” (i.e., bathroom duty)
2:50 – (Parked Vehicle Check) WPP-84E – 2008 Toyota – no action taken – vehicle removed…
2:51 – Ambulance arrives at Madison Street job
2:53 – Dispatch calls officers for 1132 Clinton Street – disorderly group on balcony
Officer gives a “courtesy 50” to someone (a ride) – to the PATH station
2:54 – Officer reports that a summons is issued to a party somewhere for “disturbing the peace”
2:59 – 61 Newark Street – burglary alarm – appears to be delivery people.. Incorrect security code was entered
3:00am – unit 111 shows up at 14th Street to observe closing time at uptown bars – and ensure order is maintained
(411 commentary – Somehow, the unruly behavior at various “trouble spots” around town have been paid attention to lately – which is good news for city residents – hopefully it continues)

See what happened the next 45 minutes after the jump!!

(Hoboken happenings, continued…)

3:05 – Officer issues a taxicab a ticket – to a Bayonne cab company – in front of Madison Bar & Grill – Hmm….
Unit 110 inquires about the status of a tow
3:06 – Unit 236 calls in about a routine detail check
3:08 – reports of a “BIG FIGHT” at 3rd and Park – “Several calls coming in about that”…. Cops arrive on scene
Multiple cars report the fight is “under control” – and for all units to “slow down” their response
(411 Note: sounded like catty hollering – an obvious alcohol related incident – and idiotic humans who shouldn’t consume booze)
3:09 – Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) near the fire house on Washington between 13th & 14th – an officer requests a field sobriety officer to the scene
3:11 – the 3rd and Park incident was just “a verbal” – one of the parties was “GOA” (gone on arrival) and no complaints were needed
3:12 – one officer says “you learn quick” over the air – sounds like it was a senior officer responding to a newbie cop – rookie cop says “yeah…”
3:13 – (Ambulance response) – taking Elderly male at previous call to HUMC
An additional officer arrives at the scene of the uptown MVA
3:16 (Hoboken411 hears loud boisterous dimwits hollering and hooting outside – “welcome to Hoboken on the weekends!”)
3:17 – An officer (I believe the MVA uptown) reports that he’s “not needed” and will be back in service…
3:18 – a patrolman reports that a vehicle was successfully towed – and is back in service
3:19 – unit 293 and 206 are doing a detail check in the southwest…
3:20 – Morse code beeps on radio –
3:21 – unit 111 reports the plates in the uptown MVA – NJ RPT47P and NJ WSM73B – Dispatch doesn’t report vehicle details over the air…
3:23 – Dispatch asks unit 123 to “make a 12” (which means – report to headquarters)
3:24 – (Ambulance Call) – 610 Adams – Man passes out on stoop – dispatch requests an additional unit..
3:25 – 119 reports that there’s a “Male down” on 2nd and River
Unit 111 asks for “time and case” on the MVA uptown… 3:05am case number 53990…
3:26 – unit 118 reports they’ve arrived on scene – the 2nd and River guy was “a little 29” (which means intoxicated) and had to “take a little nap” – he seems to be on his way now…
3:27 – unit 127 is at Newark and Washington YAV76R 1999 GMC Wagon on of Clifton, NJ – all valid
3:29 – unit 123 is going to the tow yard and reports their mileage for the police log
3:31 – unit 110 goes on a detail check of Pier A Park….
Unit 118 says “he’s on his way home – waiting for a friend – assumes they’re not coming – and is on his way…”
3:32 – Ambulance says – “Requesting Medical Assistance by Action” – dispatcher acknowledges… I think this was the 610 Adams call – but uncertain
3:34 – unit 111 chimes in and says: “one half sent on way – info taken for MVA report – tow is on way for the other half – bumper on wheel and undriveable (the WSM car)
3:35 – Another unit was called in to HQ (but he’s at the downtown CVS with “The Sarge” and is a bit delayed…)
(411 Commentary: Ever since 411 started the “Hoboken Police and Fire Action Channel” – The police are much less communicative “over the air” and request landline calls to
3:37 – 118 – Observer and Harrison – YIKES! A male called HPD saying “his vehicle is on cinder blocks – missing two wheels!!!”
3:38 – unit 110 says “Pier A detail check complete – log us out at Sinatra Park” – (411: isn’t it great they keep our city safe?)
3:39 – unit 123 says the transportation to the tow yard is complete – logs vehicle mileage.
Unit 118 says they arrived at the cinder block scene plate of car is – NJ WVL23K – and reports that the exact address is 51 Harrison St.
3:40 – unit 108 reports they’re bringing in a “10-25” to HQ (an arrest)
(411 Note: My hour is up in about 2-3 minutes…)
3:41 – Dispatch asks unit 123 to “make a 12” (report to HQ)
3:43 – unit 118 asks Mile Square Towing to pick up – victim is willing to pay for tow storage fees until they can obtain replacement tires – Officer notes that car jack was left behind and they will keep it as evidence…
3:44 – bonus – (one minute past my limit) previous vehicle stop gets a ticket – and apparently the passenger was a loud mouth – and received a summons for disturbing the peace.

I’m done with the hour – As always – listen to all exciting Hoboken Police and Fire action on the Hoboken411 Police and Fire Action Channel!!!

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WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT AT 6th and Park??? Around 11 or so, a couple fire engines and multiple police cars where somewhere on Park between 6th and 7th. One of the Cop cars actaully was blocking Park to no one could access it past 6th st. heading Northbound.

I will give a “kudos” as the emergency crew did shut off sirens after they arrived on the scene and did the same with the lights…

Anyone have details?


I guess someone used the cinder blocks from the construction sites on harrison between first and second to good use. First time I heard that happen in Hoboken. Going to look like the south bronx soon. All that is missing is setting the car of fire after they are done.


[quote comment=”111370″]I have been sick for a few days. I live at Park and 3rd and was kept awake by the drunken brawl at 3 AM. If I weren’t a pale, shivering, 110-pound girl, I would have gone out there to kick some ass. Seriously, STFU. Who are these people?[/quote]

Tonight at around 9pm, the older gentleman whose family owns the Mr. Wraps building was outside screaming that he didn’t give a damn because he lived there for 50 years. After hearing him carry on (mostly unintelligibly) for about 5 minutes, my husband went out there to ask him if he was ok, and he apologized and said he was only having a small problem, and he shut up after that. I still wonder what it was all about! 😯


[quote comment=”111370″]I have been sick for a few days. I live at Park and 3rd and was kept awake by the drunken brawl at 3 AM. If I weren’t a pale, shivering, 110-pound girl, I would have gone out there to kick some ass. Seriously, STFU. Who are these people?[/quote]

Lovely residents of Staten Island, Essex County, Bergen County, and hood rats that live in the Greenville section of Jersey City. 🙂