Hoboken Week in Review – 10/12/2008


What made the Top 10 most discussed Hoboken411 entries for the week ending Sunday October 12, 2008?

hoboken411 week in review economic depression - Hoboken Week in Review - 10/12/2008

Hottest topics of the week

  1. We have a burger verdict
    Hoboken newbie Five Guys Burgers and Fries pleases a majority of residents!
  2. Suspense thriller a semi-let down…
    Rumor about Clearview Cinemas turns out to be one “lot” off – and was instead referring to a neighboring construction project.
  3. Tarra-GONE?
    Giant Hoboken Real Estate developer Tarragon back in the financial news – talk of de-listing the company re-surfaces again.
  4. Do you want a job with the Hoboken school system?
    Plentiful “Bennies” for those who work in our school system – and they want even more now!
  5. McCain vs. Obama – Round 2
    Hobokenites discuss the latest Presidential Debate!
  6. Will it Sell?
    One local resident is a bit cynical towards certain Real Estate offerings – opinions may vary.
    As the Global markets plummet at a breakneck pace – people are running scared!
  8. Smoking Aces!
    Seems like the flailing economy postpones the smoking ban in Atlantic City, NJ.
  9. I’m not a stripper!
    Recent progress report at “The Commerce Center” (formerly known as the Uptown Strip Mall).
  10. Maxwell Place update
    Some additional news about the biggest current real estate project in Hoboken.


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