Tiniest Hoboken parking ticket recipient!


This wacky 1970’s mini-motorcycle/moped (VA plates) has been sitting at the corner of 11th and Hudson for several weeks now. Tickets keep racking up – and getting blown off. Would you guess this is the smallest motor vehicle ever to receive multiple parking tickets? Shoot – I feel kind of bad walking by every day… someone should move it to the sidewalk or something – it’s obviously abandoned. Yet cars still try to precariously park in front of it.


If the “car” (cart) below never received a ticket – then the moped gets the dubious honor!!


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[quote comment=”111165″]it is a museum piece; a 2 stroke Yamaha twin cyl 100. this bike was the little sister to the famous rd350 2 stroke street bikes and the fantastic Kenny Roberts rz400 (signiture edition in racing yello/black livery) this bikes were from another era; the 2 strokes were very fast and very light, but the reed valve and oil injection meant lots of smoke from the pipes. couldn’t get past emissions tests. these and the mighty Suzuki Gamma are gone now. but in their day they were cheap and a blast to ride![/quote]Strand, you knowledge of motorcycles never fails to impress! What are you riding now? If memory serves correct, you recently had a Ducati, no?


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[quote comment=”111176″]i’m guessing a 1974. the seat on this one either isn’t original, or isn’t secured properly, which was common because the oil injector tank and battery are under the seat and the hinge tended to get bent when the bike fell over. i’m guessing this is a 1971 or 1972…also that is a replacement tank. the original would have had a blue/white design with a color that matched the side case. it’s actually a fine starter bike for 16-18yr olds as long as they are under 150lbs. the tube frame and spoked wheels tended to flex alot with two kids or a large rider. and the drum brakes just don’t do much if you’re pushing up around 50mph. what is unusual it that this one has the original exhaust pipes. this would suggest that the bike was indeed stored for a long time and not abused much in it’s early life. most often these restrictors would have been toosed in favor of black expansion chambers with stinger tips turned up in the back. also you would have seen flat cafe style handlebars installed and possibly had the cyl’s bored with taller pistions to increase compression and a borsen reed kit installed. it tended to sound like a chain saw coming down the street when set up properly, or mabye like a really loud bee. great for wheelies around the parking lot at lunch time in high school. this one is highly unusual for being in original condition and should… Read more »

bornandrazedinhobo – don’t pay tickets for parking at your own peril regadless of what state your licence is from. They will issue a warrant and if you are stopped in NJ you will be arrested. As far as other states, I once failed to pay a parking ticket in NYC, and the next time I was parked in the city I can out to find that the sherriff had my car up on hooks and demanded payment on the spot to release the car, cost allot more than a parking ticket.

NJ, NY, Virgina all participate in the THE NON-RESIDENT VIOLATOR COMPACT which requires member states to suspend the drivers license of those who get traffic tickets for moving violations in other states and if they fail to pay them. The compact is not supposed to include non-moving violations such as expired inspection stickers, equipment violations such as window tinting or parking violations.