NY Waterway Autumn Foliage Cruises


Helping out the “economic crisis” one dollar (or five) at a time – Here’s another Hoboken411 coupon that’ll save you FIVE DOLLARS off a weekend “Shades of Autumn” cruise on the NY Waterway Ferry.

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hoboken411 ny waterway 5 dollar shades of autumn cruise coupon sm - NY Waterway Autumn Foliage Cruises


Here’s a fun thing to do now that the leaves are changing color!

Check out the review Hoboken411 did of this great cruise back in 2006. Give it a shot – you’ll have a blast!

Shades of Autumn Cruise

ny waterway autumn cruise - NY Waterway Autumn Foliage Cruises

NY Waterway Tours, with the widest selection of sightseeing cruises in the New York/New Jersey area, offers the Shades of Autumn River Cruise, the most convenient way to get out of the city and enjoy the magnificent fall foliage on the historic Hudson River.

The Shades of Autumn River Cruise is a non-stop, four-hour cruise offering views of the exquisite fall foliage along the Hudson River that has inspired writers and artists for 200 years. While passengers enjoy spectacular views of one of the nation’s most scenic foliage routes, an experienced tour guide points out historical sites along the route and shares local folklore about one of the nation’s most picturesque regions.

Running every Saturday and Sunday through November 9, Shades of Autumn cruises will depart from Port Imperial in Weehawken, NJ, at 10 am and from Manhattan’s Pier 78 at West 38th Street in the Hudson River Park (12th Avenue) at 10:30 am.

Shades of Autumn River Cruises also offer football fans a chance to keep up with their favorite teams with live satellite coverage. Flat screen televisions on the boat’s lower level tune into college football on Saturdays, while NFL games are shown on Sundays.

Bar and food service is available on-board for all cruises. Boxed lunches also are available for pre-order purchase.

All cruise cabins are climate controlled, but those who want to enjoy a refreshing breeze are welcome to ride topside.

Children age three or younger always ride FREE. For schedules, prices and additional information please call 1-800-533-3779 or visit http://www.nywaterway.com.

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[quote comment=”110910″]Does anyone know the geological history of those cliffs (as pictured above)? What made them so steep?[/quote] Actually read about this quite some time ago, it is good to know I still retain knowledge. Anyway. However long ago the continents were conjoined, referred to as Pangea (I think) they separated and floated apart. Believe it or not our neighbor was actually what is now Morocco. During the separation or following, not sure when, magma started pushing upwards creating the the palisades. MidnightRacer is partially right about the glacial movement, while the glaciers did not create the palisades, they did have a major impact on NYC. They essentially scoured NYC and even today you can see the remnants within Central Park. Check out the rock outcroppings, you will see long striations in the rock from the glacial movement. Additionally, take note of the random boulders that the glaciers had left behind. As far as building of skyscrapers goes, MR pointed out that between lower Manhattan and midtown there is a void of tall buildings. That is because the bedrock (which skyscrapers are anchored) is so deep it would be extremely expensive to prepare the foundations. Interestingly enough, in the NYTimes a few weeks back there was an article about a huge crater in the WTC pit. Since they have to anchor the Freedom Tower and related buildings they have dug down to bedrock in the site and found a huge crater in the bedrock that is apparently causing some issues… Read more »


oooh nice thinking. that seems like a ready-made opportunity to do something a little different toward the ‘greater good’. hopefully, she’ll fall hook line and sinker for that and eat it up.


Thanks 411!!! I was trying to think of a good Sunday daytime date idea, something a little different.

“It’s easy to grin when your ship comes in
and you have the stock market beat
But a man worthwhile, is a man who can smile
when his shorts are too tight in the seat”



FOUR non-stop hours?!


No, I think glaciers leave behind geological formations characterized by long, low valleys. Those cliffs are probably the columnar basalt formations which we know as the Palisades, the steepest formation along the Lower Hudson Valley and which were formed by an intrusian of lava being forced up through fissured strata during the late Silurian period. Oh eighth-grade earth science class, how I thank your exhaustive curriculum.