“And Broke his Crown”



A staged reading on October 19th

A staged reading of Gene Wisniewski’s hilarious satire on the art world, “And Broke His Crown”, will be presented as part of the Hoboken Artists’ Studio Tour, taking place on Sunday, October 19, 2008, 2 PM, at the Monroe Bar Back Room, 302 Monroe Street (at Third Street), Hoboken New Jersey.

The story was first published in Exquisite Corpse, the literary magazine of Louisiana State University, edited by Andrei Codrescu of National Public Radio, and guest edited by renowned author Bill Lavender www.corpse.org.

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Featured will be two amazing talents known mostly as musicians but who also have extensive acting experience. Annie Bandez, aka Little Annie, aka Annie Anxiety, is known for her musical collaborations with such performers as Baby Dee, and the bands Crass and Coil, as well as her solo efforts. A songwriter on par with Leonard Cohen, she recently completed a sold-out run at Joe’s Pub and is touring worldwide. Kathena Bryant performs regularly with her band The Hippy Nuts, whose latest CD, “Before the Fall of Onions and Tales”, was reviewed in Amplifier magazine’s Tom Semioli as “one of the best urban roots albums to come down the pike in a long, long time”.

The protagonist will be played by Michael Clay, a New York actor with numerous credits. Most recently Michael portrayed Friar Laurence in a production of Romeo and Juliet by experimental theater troupe Holla Holla. Additionally featured will be Jonas Garberg, who began his career in Norway and is now living and working in New York. He can be seen in the short film, “Desperation”. Lenny Kisko, as the unassailably fabulous art gallery assistant Dekko Sedgwick-Shrimpton, had a twenty-year dance career encompassing ballet, jazz, and Broadway. Lenny was lately involved in a staged reading of “The Kafka Experiment”, by Mikaela Kafka. Finally is Steve Martinelli, who will soon be doing the lead role in Front and Center’s staged adaptation of the film, “Christmas Story”.

The author will narrate.

The plot revolves around an aging artist who has been laboring in obscurity for thirty years. His fortunes change when his tantrum-prone girlfriend throws his paintings out of the window of his sixth-floor studio and the resulting pile is mistaken for an art installation by a passing gallerist.

Gene Wisniewski was born, raised, and educated in New Jersey, although his life has been centered from early on around New York. He has a degree in Theater from Rutgers University, with a Fine Art minor. A few years after college, he decided to pursue further studies in Fine Art, and has been involved in that milieu ever since. This story derives from the necessity of having a story to tell about some of his experiences and observations.

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