Hoboken Week in Review – 10/5/2008


Another week in the books! Don’t forget – PATH closed from 7am to 11am this morning!

What made the Top 10 most discussed Hoboken411 entries for the week ending Sunday October 5, 2008?


Hottest topics of the week

  1. 1202 Hudson Street Fire
    Early morning fire kills an elderly woman and destroys an uptown apartment building
  2. All eyes on the VP
    Hoboken discusses the next Vice President of the United States – Even live blogged for the first time!
  3. Tasty Hamburgers!
    Five Guys Burgers and Fries finally unlocks their doors in Hoboken. 411 brings you the exclusive first official review hours after opening!
  4. Be afraid, be very afraid!
    A Hoboken411 reader explains why you should be concerned about our economy.
  5. West side club still angering neighbors
    Lounge 11 makes news yet again – this time local politicians get involved.
  6. That “New Train” smell
    Shiny new PATH cars make their way into Hoboken – Homeless saving their urine up.
  7. Fuzzy Math
    Another reader thinks they can solve the economic bailout. However, the math was a wee bit off…
  8. Roller Coaster Ride
    Another blip on the volatile stock market chart, as stock slip and slide.
  9. Shouting at Board of Ed meeting
    Nutty events at regular school board meeting as one member has a conscience.
  10. 30 hour work week with incredible benefits
    Now you know why people love city jobs. 9-4, lunch and a short commute.


This week

Some upcoming events in Hoboken:

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