Giant Grove crane in Hoboken


File this under “Want to know more about that gargantuan piece of equipment?”, “Hoboken411 is curious” and “Why our streets are falling apart.”

A week or two ago – while I was meandering around uptown – I spotted this humongous piece of construction equipment hoisting some materials to the roof of the Garden Street Lofts. (You might ask “is this a ‘green’ crane? Isn’t Garden Street Lofts supposed to be a ‘green’ project?”)

First thought was – “This ought to make good filler material!” Then a minute later I thought “jeez, this is why our potholes are so deep!” and took a picture for future (today’s) use.

This 60-ton, 5-axle crane is one mighty rig!

You can read the cool and informative PDF about the Grove GMK-5120B here!

Interesting facts about the Grove crane:

  • It only has a 168HP Diesel engine!
  • The gas tank only holds 53 gallons!
  • The standard hydraulic arm reaches about 177 feet
  • All five axles can be steered!

I suspect I might be only one of about six people in Hoboken that would even give two craps about this thing. For the other five of you – hope you enjoyed it!

giant construction truck uptown hoboken 14th and garden august 19 2008 5 - Giant Grove crane in Hoboken

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60 tons? How many stone is that (for our Brit readers)?


Oops, printed, not developed. Yes, I still say dial the phone, too.


I am one of the 5 other people who loves crane pictures. If the size could be reduced a little next time, I would love that even better. Even closing all the toolbars I could, the whole picture wouldn’t appear at once on my laptop screen.

For the big pictures, maybe you could have them developed and mount an exhibition or even get a booth at the next Arts and Music Festival. I would much sooner buy a real picture of something interesting than a wooden fish with three hat pegs.


How about a helicopter?