The Importance of Oxygen Generation Technology During COVID-19

The Importance of Oxygen Generation Technology During COVID-19

COVID-19 is a respiratory virus infection that causes patients to have trouble breathing due to inflammation of the lungs. The liquid present in the organs may worsen and lead to hypoxemia, which, according to medical experts, is causing the most deaths among many COVID patients.

When a patient starts having breathing difficulties, doctors will recommend oxygen therapy. They will use purified medical oxygen to assist the patient in breathing. And this is where oxygen generation technology comes to play.

Read further if you want to know how vital these oxygen generators were during COVID-19.

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Understanding how Oxygen Generators technology work first

Generally, the oxygen generation technology will take compressed air and separate the oxygen molecules from the other gases using an adsorptive process known as pressure swing adsorption (PSA). The air will then pass into a zeolite molecular sieve, retaining the nitrogen and releasing purified to other gas outlets.

The importance of this technology

Medical oxygen is an essential resource in most medical facilities in the world. Therefore, oxygen-generating plants will play a significant role in providing patients with the required oxygen if they have breathing challenges. Doctors will depend on these machines during surgery, trauma, in the wards, and intensive care units. Other areas where you will find the oxygen generation technologies are:

 Ambulance services

Usually, when transporting a patient with hypoxemia from to the hospital – or from one hospital to another, having the technology fitted in the vehicle keeps the patient alive by supplying oxygen to them. If the patient is unconscious, resuscitators and respirators will need oxygen from these generators.

Medical shelters

COVID-19 was a pandemic that shook the entire world. The health sector faced challenges since many facilities were at full capacity due to many patients coming in every day. Medical shelters played a significant role in providing first aid to casualties and high-risk individuals. They also helped medical staff offer services to people, especially those in rural areas.

Having oxygen generation technology in these shelters helps patients with acute pneumonia and COVID-19 receive oxygen.

Home-based care

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some patients preferred getting care from home. Governments also encouraged this type of care, primarily due to hospitals becoming fully packed with patients. If the patient had breathing difficulties during the isolation period, medical specialists would deliver oxygen cylinders, which would provide about 0.5 litres of oxygen every minute.

Mobile hospitals

These hospitals have been super-efficient before and during the pandemic. Not only are they essential to offering vaccines, but hospitals also use these services to offer specialised care and attention to COVID patients in a less crowded space. Typically, these buses and vehicles have oxygen generation tech to help patients, especially in areas where accessing a hospital is difficult, get oxygen supply conveniently.

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The Bottom Line

The COVID-19 was such a massive deal for the entire world. Were it not for the supply of these oxygen machines, then we would have ‘maybe’ lost more lives than we did. The presence of this technology in different medical facilities ensured that patients got the purified oxygen that their bodies required.

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