“Renewable energy” WORD SALAD in Hoboken

“Renewable energy” WORD SALAD in Hoboken

I’m sure more than a few people got the “Nixle” message about Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla’s retarded “renewable energy” program in Hoboken.

Any plan to use a company other than PSE&G is a scam. They give you meager lower rates for a short while (all under the guise of “clean” or “renewable,”) then will likely raise your rates in the near future.

But anyway – here are a few sentences of “WORD SALAD” that was contained in that stupid email:

“The City established this program to provide 10 percent more clean, green energy at a lower electricity supply price than what PSE&G is currently offering at 12.84 cents per kilowatt per hour compared to 13.3 cents per kilowatt per hour at the time of bid respectfully. For those seeking to opt-up to have 100 percent green energy, the cost is only 14.54 cents per kilowatt per hour compared to PSE&G’s current price. This program will become effective on March 1, 2022, and will continue until November 30, 2023. Residents may choose any option of participation and may opt-out at any time during the term of the program with no fees or penalties.

While a resident’s supply of energy will be provided through the Hoboken Renewable Energy Program via Direct Energy, PSE&G will continue to distribute electricity to residents and be a resident’s utility company supplying them with their monthly bill. Residents will not receive a separate bill from Direct Energy.

So you’ll get about a 3% savings initially. Insignificant, and not guaranteed.

But if you want to virtue-signal, and say “I’m all renewable!” You’ll have to pay more than 8% more than you’re currently paying! That would mean $500 or more per year for many Hoboken residents! Why?

The entire energy system is a frickin’ scam. How they create, store, move, and distribute energy is at best – a muddled mess. And at worst – it’s just a downright fraud to take advantage of dim-witted people (just like all the other frauds happening these days).

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