How To Keep Your Farm, Land, or Commercial Premises Secure

How To Keep Your Farm, Land, or Commercial Premises Secure

Keeping land and possessions safe and secure is paramount for farmers and landowners. For many, their property is also their home, their job, and security. Therefore, it is important that all owners understand how best to protect their land, equipment, and livestock. This brief guide points out the main ways that you can protect your land and premises, to help put your mind at ease.

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Securing Your Buildings

Make sure all your buildings are secure and inaccessible to strangers. In fact, the more visibly secure your property looks the more it will deter potential intruders. Be sure to invest in strong locks for all doors and windows on your property and across all buildings on your land. These locks should be reliable with high safety standards and good user reviews, and where possible should be brute-force proof. This will mean that it will be incredibly hard, for an intruder to access your buildings after everything has been locked up. Moreover, a strong lock can also secure indoor environments for the livestock, strengthening what is most often the weakest part of an enclosure, the access point.

It is also a good idea to keep a mental catalog of vehicles that pass by your farm or property, just in case. This way, you should be able to recognize any vehicles that pass by regularly and inform local authorities if you suspect any harmful intent on your land. It might be an idea to get a strong fence and gate leading into your property that is hard to vault, too, to dissuade any of those on foot who may be attracted to anything on your grounds.

Check Your Insurance

An obvious one, really, and all landowners will be insured to some degree but it’s always worth checking the small print and the breadth of the coverage that your policy provides, and any caveats. Make sure you have pictures and records of all of your farming supplies machinery and equipment.

Some providers can also help with safety assessments for your land and goods, which will provide another layer of protection for all of your goods and equipment. Finally, liability insurance is a great tool for farms that get visitors, to ensure that there isn’t a chance an accident can cause further issues.

Invest In a Strong Security System

Being able to quickly survey your farm is a very useful tool, especially if you have large amounts of land or multiple areas that are difficult to view from one spot, it may be worthwhile to invest in a strong CCTV system to make sure that your blind spots are covered. If an area where you store valuable equipment is hard to see from your residence, ensure it has camera coverage and is well lit. Not only can the lights and camera deter those who may wish to attempt to break into your property, but having a recording makes it much easier to claim back any damages or lost items. Alarms are also a priority for sheds and other buildings, making sure that there are no unprotected entrances to any of your buildings. Alarm systems, though potentially expensive to set up, will mean that you are made aware of any situation should they arise and can respond rapidly. There are also now many different types of systems at all budget levels for you to consider.

Check Your Premises Regularly

Checking fences, gates, doors, and locks regularly is one of the best ways to keep your property secure. Be sure that all locks are firmly affixed and not showing signs of damage. Check fences, hedges, and wiring to make sure there are no signs of an attempt to damage or cut through.

It is also best to secure or immobilize your vehicles. Make sure that you never leave the keys in the ignition and make sure they are marked with your house number and postcode. Be sure to also remove any machinery or GPS’s from them to be stored in a secure shed, as these can attract the wrong attention if left out overnight.

Keeping your land secure can be a lot of work, but guaranteed safety and security of your livelihood and property are invaluable. Be sure to follow the tips in this guide and seek out help from security professionals if you are still unsure of what you need to do for your property.

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