Some of the Most Dangerous American Cities for Drivers

Some of the Most Dangerous American Cities for Drivers

If you think driving your garden variety suburban road is dangerous, especially during the rush hours, try living in a congested city. In many U.S. cities, from Hoboken to Los Angeles, you can be taking your life into your own hands every time you get behind the wheel.

This is especially true of a hyper-congested city like Brooklyn, New York, where dozens of accidents, many of them fatal, occur on an annual basis. Says the law professionals from the Barnes Firm, personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn, the many causes of Brooklyn based auto accidents can stem from negligence, such as texting while driving or driving under the influence of alcohol, but they can also be the result of drivers simply not paying attention to the road.

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Regardless of their cause, vehicular crashes can lead to a wide range of physical injuries such as back, neck, and head injuries, not to mention broken bones and wrongful death. That’s why when it comes to accidents, especially those that were not your fault, you need to turn to a personal injury attorney who will take your case to court and secure you a cash settlement that will allow you to heal without the burden of financial stress.

But Brooklyn is not the only city in the U.S. that can be dangerous to drive in. According to data recently compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Accident Reporting System, most accidents occur in American cities from bad weather, badly engineered highways, texting while driving, heavy traffic, focusing too much on your GPS system, and simply not paying proper attention. In fact, your daily commutes to and from work are probably the most dangerous thing you will do on a daily basis, even if you work a dangerous job.

How dangerous is it? Here’s some data on the most dangerous cities for drivers in the U.S. in 2021. Note: the data presented here represent just one single year out of the past decade, but can be utilized as an average.


Fatal car accidents in entire metro area per year: 99

Breakdown by the city per year: Philadelphia, 84.  Camden, 6. Trenton, 6. Wilmington, 3.

The city known for its Philly cheesesteak and brotherly love is not as dangerous for drivers as many other cities on the list. But when you consider most deadly accidents occur in a relatively small, concentrated area, you might want to think about taking the bus.


Fatal car accidents in entire metro area per year: 140

Breakdown by the city per year: Detroit, 105. Canton Township, 4. Clinton Township, 8. Dearborn, 8. Farmington Hills, 3. Livonia, 2. Sterling Heights, 4. Troy, 3. Warren, 1. Westland, 2.

Detroit, the home of auto manufacturing, just happens to be one of the least populated cities that makes the list. But with so many drivers commuting from one city to another every day, there are a lot of bad vehicular crashes.


Fatal car accidents in entire metro area per year: 174

City-by-city per year breakdown: Chicago, 121. Arlington Heights, 1. Aurora, 5. Berwyn, 2. Bolingbrook, 1. Cicero, 1. Des Plaines, 3. Elgin, 4. Elmhurst, 4. Gary, 6. Joliet, 4. Kenosha, 4. Naperville, 1. Oak Lawn, 3. Oak Park, 1. Orland Park, 1. Romeoville, 2. Palatine, 1. Skokie, 6. Waukegan, 4. Wheaton, 1.

Chicago isn’t just known for its gunshot victims, it also makes the list of most dangerous cities to drive in. 30 percent of all fatal crashes occur outside the Chicago city limits, which tells you how big the metro area truly is.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Fatal car accidents in entire metro area per year: 265

City-by-city per year breakdown: Dallas, 127. Fort Worth, 63. Arlington, 24. Carrollton, 8. Denton, 10. Frisco, 3. Grapevine, 4. Irving, 16. McKinney, 6. Plano, 9. Richardson, 3.

Dallas-Fort Worth is not the only dangerous city to drive in in Texas, but statistics show that it’s one of the worst. While Dallas didn’t come into prominence until the invention of the automobile, many distracted drivers have since paid the price. And there are very few options when it comes to public transport.

Los Angeles

Fatal car accidents in entire metro area per year: 316

City-by-city per year breakdown: Los Angeles, 213. Anaheim, 17. Glendale, 8. Huntington Beach, 12. Irvine, 10. Long Beach, 27. Santa Ana, 24. Santa Clarita, 5.

You would think LA might top the list since it’s the city where “everybody drives.” But considering its large overall population, 316 fatalities is not too bad.

New York City

Fatal car accidents in entire metro area per year: 344

City-by-city per year breakdown: Brooklyn, 84. Bronx, 54. Edison, 8. Jersey City, 4. Manhattan, 45. Mount Vernon, 3. New Rochelle, 3. Newark, 24. Paterson, 5. Queens, 91. Staten Island, 11. Union, 3. Woodbridge Township, 3. Yonkers, 7.

For a megacity that is very dependent on public transportation, driving in New York, especially Brooklyn, might seem very dangerous. But it’s quite possible that many of these fatal accidents are occurring in taxis.

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