Indoor Flowering Plants Which Are Ideal for the Home

Indoor Flowering Plants Which Are Ideal for the Home

Many of us love to have blooms in and around our homes as they offer us many benefits. Not only do they brighten up the place and add a splash of color, but they can also help alleviate issues such as stress and help improve mood.

If you are not sure which flowers you want to call your own or need the names of a few that will be able to fend for themselves happily inside, then read on to find out which blooms are ready for your rooms.

indoor flowering plants

Go Bonkers for Some Bromeliads

Bromeliads are both stunning and interesting blooming plants that are ideal for beginners right through to ‘plant parent’ level experts. They only need watering around every 2 weeks on average, and when the plant blossoms, its flower can last up to 3 months! They come in various colors, which make these the perfect accent to any room and can be put pretty much anywhere, as they do well in all conditions! However, be sure not to put them in all shades, as their color might not form.

Get Amorous for Amaryllis

This beautifully unique plant can be purchased as a plant or as planted bulbs and come in a bunch of different shades. They make quite the striking piece in any room but thrive best in direct sunlight, so making a home for them on the windowsill is advised. That being said, they can get quite tall as the stalks can grow up to around 2ft on average, so be sure to make sure there is plenty of room for it to thrive.

Ogle Over Orchids

Orchids are one of those magical plants that look fantastic wherever they are. They really are mesmerizing to watch unfold with such a delicate balance between thick tough leaves and gentle, ornate flower heads. Orchids come in various colors too, but they also come in some stunning patterns as well, which can make for a very interesting plant. They work best on a windowsill with light and humidity and only require really small amounts of water every so often. That being said, due to the nature of this flower, there is a good chance you will want to see it somewhere other than when you are washing up the dishes, which is where Hemsly artificial orchids come in. They look perfectly like the real thing and can be placed anywhere in the home regardless of light and humidity for that magical touch.

Care For a Cactus

Cactuses are notorious for being easy to look after, as long as you know what they require. One of the most loved cactuses for indoors is the Zygocactus, also known as the Christmas cactus. While the luscious green leaves look like those of what you would expect from a cactus, the bright red, pink, and coral blooms bring a burst of color (and festivities for the Christmas period). As with many cactuses, the Zygocactus requires little water and can be put anywhere in the home with enough sunlight!

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