From mandatory diapers – to required needling?

This is a new real-life “soap opera” called “As the narrative changes.” Open your eyes and understand it’s all scripted – and not based in reality.

diaper report

From mandatory diapers – to required needling?

by Eric Peters

These may soon become Needle Reports.

Diapering is waning, apparently everywhere – even in places where compliance with both “mandates” and social pressure was nearly universal as recently as a month or so ago. Even in places where the signs are still affixed, enforcement is lacking. I reported recently about being able to enter a Hot Zone of sickness psychosis, the Earth Fare store in Roanoke, VA. This place had been closed for months to the face-showing, who had to face a gantlet of BLOCK LETTER, Soviet-style placards before you even got near the door that faces MUST be effaced to enter.


There was also a Gesundheitshilfer by the door to make sure the RULES were obeyed, too.Diaper 55

All gone now, except for an almost-in-passing sign off to the side of the door – inside the door – asking that faces be effaced. There is no attempt to enforce this.

My correspondents around the country are reporting similar.

It makes me uneasy.

Because it is likely temporary.

Weaponized hypochondria hasn’t been treated. It is merely – probably – that millions of its victims have been Needled. They now feel safe and so show their faces. It’s hard to divine any other reason for this sudden, visible change – unless it is that people have become sick of playing sick. I’d like to think so – but the past year has taught me to have little faith in the average person’s capability to resist the effects of TeeVee (and sail fawn) fear programming.diaper4 1

I wish I could say, channeling Darth Vader, that I find their (apparent) lack of faith encouraging. Rather, I suspect their belief is as strong as it ever was.

Only now it is belief in the power of the Needle rather than the Diaper.

The Needling of America – apparently, about half the population has been injected with whatever-it-is – has not only instilled a sense of false immunity (remember, taking the “vaccine” doesn’t mean you can’t get the ‘Rona) in many, who’s cast off what is styled “their” Diapers for just that reason – it has also made it impossible to tell at a glance why they have cast them off.

A month ago, when the Diapered saw my face at the supermarket, they knew I was one of those very bad people who didn’t care whether granny might die. That I was (and remain) an Unbeliever, not of the body. And I knew that when I saw another face-shower, it was almost certainly a fellow Unbeliever.

Now, no one knows.

Are they sane? Or merely injected?Biden Diaper

This brings up what has me worried.

This may be a brief interlude of apparent return to some kind of normal. But deceptively so – like the calm before the tsunami rolls in.

Is it reasonable to expect – given all that we’ve seen and endured over the past year-plus – that sanity will pick itself off the floor, shake off the psychosis and that normalcy – the real deal – will make a comeback? What about the other half – or other third or other fourth or whatever it ends being – of the populace that for reasons of sanity and due diligence shies away from the Needle?

What will happen to them when – inevitably – the cases! the cases! “surge” and “spike” again, this fall? Perhaps because of spike proteins within (or without) the bodies of those of the body?

Will the Needled and renascent fearful tolerate the proximity or even the presence of the uninjected? Given the attitudes expressed toward the Undiapered to date, the answer to this question need not be spoken.

Everyone knows what it will be.Excel

New signs will go up.

You MUST be Needled to enter – or else Diaper.

Obergesundheitsfuhrer Cuomo of New York has already shown the way this will go. The volk in the gesundheitsgau of New York muss either carry their Excelsior Pass (an app in dey sail fawn) which establishes the fact of their having been Needed or they are excluded.

Or they must Diaper – and “practice” Kabuki, eternally.

The Black Codes re-established but this time not on the basis of race but of face. If you show it, you must show proof of Needling.

If not, you are out.

The same is also already being applied by airlines and unless this practice is curb-stomped with both feet before it has a chance to become widespread and normalized, it will become the next “new normal,” as the effacing of faces became, as the fondling of junk became.

Polls indicate that half the country supports Excelsior Pass (vaccine passports) for all. Not just for them.

Some may believe these polls are unreliable, rigged to give the desired result. I wish it were so. I remember not seeing all those faces. I saw the effect of the cases! the cases!

Sickness psychosis probably hasn’t waned, because it hasn’t been treated.

It has merely become less visible.

For the present.

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