More on the 1202 Hudson Fire


Here is an update from 1202 Hudson resident Kelly – and what has happened “since the fire”….

1202 Hudson Update


“Thank you SO much for the coverage! I think you are going nationwide now because my family absolutely loves your site, and they are all over the world!

The shelter is closing tomorrow morning. There are still a ton of people that have nowhere to go and are either living with friends or are still at the shelter. Apparently there have been some meetings between the city, applied and the red cross and they are trying to figure out the part of who is paying for what… typical government v. applied housing B-S.

They first told me two to three months until I can get back in and now they are telling me 2 weeks. You will see that there is no way in hell we are getting back in anytime soon. The floors are all buckled, ceilings are caved in, etc. I honestly think that they are saying all of this to force people to find somewhere to stay so they do not have to pay for hotels.

On another note, NOBODY from Applied has been into the shelter except for one person. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY except “Maybe” two council people have stopped by except for the first day or so. The only time I saw the Mayor was on TV while my building was burning.

What I can’t get over is how amazing the firemen have been. They came back the next day and helped me salvage what I could. They have been stopping by the shelter on their days off, etc. One of the chiefs was at the shelter for two days straight just sitting and talking with us! The police are another story. They have done nothing but give us grief. As a matter of fact, when we asked when we could get back into our apartments, the cop looked at me with a wicked grin and said “what apartment?”

Applied has always been good to me but I can’t get any answers. After a fire like this, I can’t believe that they weren’t there this weekend trying to help us out! I hope they enjoyed the comforts of their apartments and homes while I sat in Starbucks trying to figure out where I am going next!

So, everyone is just trying to keep their heads up! Luckily I have family and friends that are supportive of me both mentally, moneywise, so financially I have nothing to work about. Unfortunately, I have neighbors who I am very close to that have NOTHING!


I am going to head to Hoboken tomorrow (I am staying with a relative in New York) to try to talk to some bars about doing a fundraiser for my neighbors. I will be okay financially, etc but some of them have absolutely NOTHING and it saddens me terribly. I know that one of the ladies in my building works at Helmer’s. I am going to start there. Hopefully we can get the word out and get something going. Clothes aren’t really a necessity right now, but supplies for the kids, gift cards, bus passes, phone cards, are of true value right now if anyone wants to help out. We can also use volunteers to help carry stuff out when we are let in. We have a ton of elderly and handicapped who can’t get in to get things from their apartments and that have no family to assist.

Sorry for the long winded email but I wanted to touch base with you. Again, I appreciate your keeping in contact with me and I will keep you posted.

Thanks again 411, you are the best!”

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Here is a harrowing witness recount from Hoboken resident Kelly – who lived directly across the hall from where the deadly early Wednesday morning fire at 1202 Hudson Street started.

1202 Hudson fire – my recount

hoboken-1202-hudson-fire-1-sm.jpg“Hi, I am a victim of the fire. I am staying at a friends house and my password is stored on my laptop which perished so I just have my blackberry.

I thought that I would write with an update and set some records straight.

I lived on the 5th floor across the hall from where the fire started. My bedroom is in the back so with my ac on and being a heavy sleeper it took a firefighter to practically beat my door down to wake me up. When I opened my front door, the smoke blew me off of my feet and he said get out and I ran in my pjs and barefeet for my life.

There are a lot of rumors going around. All that I know is that my elderly neighbor is in the hospital and two guys were watching his apartment. I won’t get into anything else but there were some of us that had to give some testimony about what he said to us outside. He did get hit by a neighbor and believe me it was something any of us would have done.

Some people were allowed in last night to get some stuff but not much. Unfortunately, the 5th floor is condemned so it looks like I have nothing left. The fire chief did go in and get my purse and phone. Everything in my purse is black and my credit cards melted. I will have to say that my blackberry survived but the screen is black and it smells of smoke.

hoboken-1202-hudson-fire-2-sm.jpgFYI, Kings did NOTHING for me personally when I went in to ask for a bathroom and water. When Starbucks opened (they wouldn’t let them open because it was a crime scene) they went over and beyond for us. All of the people in nearby buildings were giving us anything we needed. One guy was handing out cash!

I am thankful for everyone that helped and especially to the firefighter that saved me. Luckily my parents are on their way and I will get some necessities today. Unfortunately, there are elderly people and others that have nobody so I am begging people to clean out their closets and drop stuff off. I think now the biggest thing would be toiletries rechargeable phones, advil tylenol (we all have terrible headaches) and handbags.

Lastly, I want to thank Hoboken411 for providing the updates.

My family lives near Philly and when they saw it on the news they Googled it and found your site. Everyone tuned in here for updates and knew from you that I was alive.”

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I don’t think most fire alarms in older condos/apartments are wired into the building system for the common areas. And I bet the batteries were dead for the alarms in the unit.[/quote]

Most of the older buildings in Hoboken (excluding 1 and 2 family buildings), have detectors in the common areas that are hard-wired to an alarm companies central station. The smoke detectors that are in the individual apartments are simply battery operated. The tenents are responsible for replacing old batteries in their apartments. Also, most of these buildings do not have any fire suppresion, such as sprinklers in the apartments or common areas.


[quote comment=”110447″]Why didn’t smoke alarms go off sooner? Are they linked or centralized or the type you have in single family home?[/quote]

I don’t think most fire alarms in older condos/apartments are wired into the building system for the common areas. And I bet the batteries were dead for the alarms in the unit.


I was apt hunting the other day and stopped in Applied’s uptown office and they said that they are on hold right now with new leases until they can make arrangements for those displaced by the fire.


Why didn’t smoke alarms go off sooner? Are they linked or centralized or the type you have in single family home?


How can nobody be questioning why it took 3hrs for firefighters to search the woman who lost her life’s apartment? I read in the Hoboken Reporter that her son had to give them the keys to search the apartment…. WHAT?????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? In a four alarm fire they shouldn’t be using keys, they should be using axes. All I know is that if the entire top floor of my apartment went on fire at 3am, that firefighters would do more than just knock on my door if I didn’t answer! Just my two cents.

God Bless all residents and families who were effected!