You watching the VP debate?


How many of you are watching the Vice Presidential debate tonight?

Whether you watch it at home, or schlep to places like Willie McBride’s or even out of town to Park Avenue Bar & Grill – my guess it’ll be the most watched event of the week!

One Hoboken411 reader thought this website had some fun “Palin Bingo” cards you can print out and play along with. While it seems to be an whimsical kind of attack on Sarah Palin’s “buzz-words” – it might make the debate more interesting.

play palin bingo vice presidential debate - You watching the VP debate?

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British Hairways
British Hairways
Friday, October 3, 2008 7:14 pm

Palin did well enough to remove (at least for now) talk of her sinking the ticket.

I still think she’s part stupid and part annoying, though — post-debate story on Drudge now where she deflects criticism about her pathetic showing in the Couric interviews by criticizing the line of questions. Give me a break.

But Palin or Biden ain’t gonna matter much this next month — McCain needs a miracle. He’s come back before, so I don’t underestimate him, but this economic stuff is just a tsunami, and it ain’t Mac’s strong suit.

Friday, October 3, 2008 6:02 pm

[quote comment=”110007″]easy e, i still think there’s a larger point about the hypocrisy of thinking you can unite people in one instance when they’ve hated other for years (i.e. the serbs/croats/whatever) and can’t unite another (i.e. shiites and sunnis). perhaps you can’t unite either. but know-it-all biden thinks he is the arbiter of the correctness or incorrectness of going into iraq when it shared this same general theme which he approved in the past. it’s awfully arrogant, too, to think that you (him) can declare when the clock stops ticking on iraq and a winner or loser is called. awfully arrogant. perhaps if many Americans didn’t have ADD, we could actually show some patience and historical perspective.[/quote] I have a big problem with this idea that we need to be “victorious”. Sure, the troops would like to come home with a clear victory, white picket fences and rainbows all over Iraq, but since when what the troops want is the only important thing to this country?? Honestly, I don’t care what the troops want. Their desire for an ambiguous idea is more important than every citizen’s financial stability?? It’s incredibly expensive and we can’t afford it anymore. This idea that Iraq will ever be at peace until they come to terms with their own differences and quite frankly get sick of all the fighting to the point where they make peace happen. There will never be a clear point at which we can claim “victory”. It’s not as if we’re… Read more »

Friday, October 3, 2008 5:02 pm

Only good thing about the way is it is educating lot of folks about these region..

a lot of people who are voting on these “security issues” didn’t have any idea of Iran, Iraq their involvement and within a year 2 year span they know enough to make decision on candidates who will attack them or not attack them and their foreign policy experience.

Friday, October 3, 2008 4:58 pm

^^^ Whats suprising is it feels like Chess for you…fix this, fix that defeat them .. unite them The problem is lack of understanding of entire middle east, perspective of “right” which need to implement in middle east. Only if things were so simple.. McCain was right when he said “100 years” of war, cause it will take perennial intervention of US to maintain peace the way we think of peace in middle east. You cannot leave Iraq as so called democratic state, it will never work within 2 years there will be conflicts and it will go back to what it was. Obama is right when he says pull out now. It is important we understand there is peace in conflicts. This is how middle east Afghanistan has been for centuries. They have a history of doing this. The point is eventually US will give up and so why not now and save some money Biden was right when he said split Iraq in to 2, it will be ugly and will lead to some conflicts but will keep US out of those conflicts. The problem is with imposing ideology of democracy that will bring peace to everyone, it lacks serious understanding of culture. For decades people in afghanistan have been fighting one or other battle, it has become part of their culture and no matter how much west influences it to scale it down, people are going to revolt back. It is quite similar with Iraq, Iran. The… Read more »

Friday, October 3, 2008 4:33 pm

MF – you make a good point though, i’m not criticizing your point, but i just think in the context last night, you’re pulling the quotes out and using them out of context. don’t mean to sound like i’m attacking you.

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