Antisocial music in 2021

Antisocial music in 2021

We’ve noticed some “modern” musicians actually address the issues of technology and social media in their music. This “antisocial music” is probably shadow-banned somehow.

Joe Walsh – Analog Man

We mentioned Analog Man eight years ago – but it’s even more relevant these days.

Here are a few on-point lines of lyrics that still resonate with us:

“the whole world’s living in a digital dream – it’s not really there – it’s all on the screen – makes me forget who I am – I’m an analog man…
yeah I’m an analog man in a digital world – I’m gonna get me an analog girl – who loves me for what I am – I’m an analog man…
turn on the tube, watch until dawn – one hundred channels, nothing is on – endless commercials, endless commercials, endless commercials…
the whole world’s glued to the cable TV – it looks so real on the big LCD – murder and violence are rated PG, too bad for the children – they are what they see…”

De Staat – Pikachu

This has been one of our favorites since it was released, listening to it frequently. It portrays how social media has become a voyeuristic popularity contest. No bands like De Staat in the states.


Pet Shop Boys – On Social Media

Not much of a direct critique, but just shows how people pretty much live for useless “likes.”


I’m sure there are many more that we’ve heard – but we just can’t remember them at the moment.

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