Is there American Bingo?

Is there American Bingo?

The game of bingo has been around for a very long time. Centuries in fact. The entire history of bingo is unknown to most and the common theory is that it is a British invention.
That is largely due to its popularity in that country but bingo dates back all the way to 15th century Italy. It was a different game back then – play slot games.

American Bingo

Bingo beginnings

It is the Italians that we have to thank for the game of bingo. The initial idea was for it to become a local lotto among the population but as it spread around other parts of Europe, bingo became a tool in the classroom. That’s right, bingo was used to teach math to young children.

So, how did it become the games we know it to be today?

American bingo

This is where America comes in. In the early 20th century, a traveling salesman came across bingo and saw the possibilities. He spread the idea and decided to market it as a gambling game, known then to players as Beano.

Players were required to visit a casino and put down a deposit to take part in the game.

This set the template for bingo as we know it today and so bingo is still popular in America – unlike grunge which came and went with Nirvana. But is it the same game?

Differences in American bingo

The first main difference is that in America it is far more common to play a 75 ball game of bingo instead of the average 90 ball game. This lessens the odds of a player winning, making it a much more volatile game.

Also, in case you were wondering, the name did change from Beano to bingo after the game took off.

Secondly, America has the largest gambling community in the world. This means that there are dedicated places, like Vegas, where players can go to undertake this activity. That is true of bingo.

Bingo halls are present among the high street in the UK and other parts of Europe but not in the USA. There are dedicated casinos and spots to play bingo and it is far less common. Bingo in the UK is a much less serious game whereas, in America, players play bingo to win.

Thankfully, online bingo is here to save the day. Now we can all play bingo anywhere we want, regardless of where we are. That means UK and US players alike can take part in the same game of online bingo.


Anyone wondering about bingo in America should start brushing up on their gaming history. It might not the most popular game on these shores but we have America to thank for turning bingo into the game we know it to be.

There are certain differences in American bingo, however, these are minor.

The UK may have popularized the game of bingo in the ’60s, Italy may have invented it but it was the USA that made bingo and it is still available on these shores.

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