“They go mad in herds”

“They go mad in herds”

A very famous quote that makes most people get squirmy is as follows:

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”
Charles Mackay

It’s worth thinking about for more reasons than one.

The most important fact of this is, that it is true. At least for most of humanity.

However, in 2021, most of it still remains accurate – except for the final two parts.

they go mad in herds 411

“While they only recover their senses slowly…”

We believe that many people today never really had their “senses.” As in, they were dumbed down and indoctrinated at a very early age – to the point where they have little to NO idea what “senses” even are.

Two big aspects are common sense and logic. Others include our favorite “cui bono,” as in asking who benefits from whatever action you see. As well as critical thinking, which is also absent in what we feel is the bulk of humanity. They just suck the teet of “information” vessels such as television, computers, and phones.

Rarely entertaining challenging thought patterns to stitch all the “fake news” together for themselves.

There are so many entities responsible for this calculated destruction of society – it’s hard to pick a winner. But the school systems, as well as mainstream media and entertainment, are vying for the award. (The “handlers” behind the curtain would be the actual winners.)

“One by one…”

Another truly fascinating and disturbing part of our environs is the fact that hardly anyone “takes the lead” anymore. Substantially less often than just a few decades ago. And most certainly not when the topic is “sensitive,” or better yet “against the grain.”

In other words, most people wait for OTHERS to take the lead. Or to see what is “trending” on their digital death tablets. A bunch of pussies.

In fact, almost no one takes a position about ANYTHING unless others have already done so. And yes, sure – someone took the lead – but you have no idea who most of the time, or how those endeavors were crafted.

What is pathetic is that the things people DO take initiative with – are usually sad, weak, or emotionally manipulative stances such as those who are needy or less fortunate. Everyone seems to have adopted the officially supported “meme” of charity, equality, doing good, and so on.

But when it comes to standing up for the most fundamental aspects of this young country – the count is lowering by the week.

The bottom line is that most people in this country cannot recover senses that they NEVER had.

We’ll miss you when you’re gone, America.

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