Shifting your online hangouts elsewhere

Shifting your online hangouts elsewhere

The crazy stuff that has been happening on “established” mainstream digital properties over the past few years should make you all think. Perhaps you should spend your time elsewhere?

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What’s the point of these places any more?

We’re talking primarily here about the sites that have been banning people outright. Eliminating discussion they don’t agree with. The “shadow-banning” had been happening incrementally for years already.

We won’t mention names – but I’m sure you can figure out which ones they are.

Most of them are just horrific self-promoting echo chambers of stupidity and marketing anyway. Total waste of time.

It’s a shame that businesses feel the need to engage in those platforms. Even if they get some uptick in sales. There has to be a better way.

It’s too soul-sucking and time-consuming – and people would probably just feel better in general without that enormous cloud over their head. Even with fewer dollars.

I applaud any business that continues to exist without dirtying themselves with that online filth.

But for those that might want to break the habit – there are other platforms (both video and social networking) that you can dip your toes in. Who knows what will happen with them. There is so much collusion in the world that prevents honest businesses from establishing themselves. Such a nice country we live in, right?

The best bet is to avoid all the online hangouts and prune that activity out of your life completely. Live a simpler life.

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