Why we hate the laws of America in 2021

Why we hate the laws of America

Seriously – I am most certainly not alone when it comes to having hate for the law of America. Or I should say the “laws.”

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Too much “interpretation” and bias

Laws, on paper – sound fair in most cases. They were originally instituted to help ensure a civil society. A simple constitution, for example.

While we all know that many laws just equate to “government gangs” who steal your money for trivial things (such as laws with no victims – i.e., speeding) – a few rules do make sense. Such as proven premeditated murder, for instance.

The “laws” should never have to be “interpreted,” they should be clear as day.

That is what bugs us most about the laws – the so-called systems in place to sort them out. There should be no sorting out. It is or it is not.

But in our world – these legal documents are up to the “interpretation” of those armed individuals “enforcing” them. Not to mention the staggering number of ridiculous regulations in existence.

And we’ve seen too many times in our lives how those very statutes and ordinances that are put in place to maintain a decent society – are so biased. Depending on the courts and the supposed actors.

Sometimes they are brutal.

Sometimes they are lenient. Especially for members of “the club” that you ain’t in.

Why is that?

How can we fix that to the point where there is no longer any obvious “rigging” in this process?

Why do some people get off with a “slap on the wrist,” while others get the book thrown at them?

We understand what they say are the reasons. But those reasons are illogical to us. Fake.

Perhaps the better idea here is that we hate how the stupid laws are “enforced.” The system has to change.

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