Reader Mail: Bailout Math


Bankrupt businesses – bailouts across the board – Banks failing – Stocks headed south

With the economy on shaky grounds – Hoboken411 reader “donteatthat” doesn’t think it has to be so difficult:

hoboken resident thinks sally struthers can save the economy for a dollar a week - Reader Mail: Bailout Math

Do the math!

“Hey 411 – I was just breaking things down with my roommate on the $700B bailout and the cost to taxpayers. Have you seen anything that breaks it down per individual or per individual tax return?

My math could be interesting or completely wrong… however, whether you compare the cost to either US population or the number of individual taxpayers the number is substantially lower than you would imagine. If you use the US population number of 305M as per world pop then the cost per individual is $23 per person. Even if you use the number of individual filers from 2003 of 130M then you are dealing with $54 per. Does this make any sense that the financial rescue plan can be so poorly marketed that there is such revolution?

No one is being asked to scrape up substantial amounts for the proposed cost. Have you heard of anything that broke it down or explained it this way? I personally think that I would give more than both of those amounts to save the global economy.

Regardless, I think that we could suggest a quick celebrity “we are the world” event and maybe save the global economy? Sally Struthers is already onboard. For a little bit more than a $1 per week, you can eradicate the financial crisis that we are all soon to suffer…”

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[quote comment=”121286″]Or do we let our schools deteriorate and our infrastructure crumble?[/quote]
That is hilarious. Hoboken has been following this exact plan for years.


Gohmert’s plan makes good sense….I would certainly welcome it!!

Only problem I see is that there is a huge, monstrous looming problem, that many states and localities will soon be in the fiscal straits that Hoboken is now in, including the state of New Jersey. They’re going to be knocking at the door of the Federal government soon for money. Who’s going to pay for that? Or do we let our schools deteriorate and our infrastructure crumble?


Spend, spend, spend: Credit, credit, credit – No self-descipline 🙄


too good to get passed.

strand tramp
strand tramp

never happen. pelosi would throw her own children in a plastic shredder before she would allow ANYTHING to happen that would be outside her personal agenda turning the US into a socialist society that is populated by people that want to do as they are told and line up for welfare and soes like old soviet union. i hope she dies of a painful cancer soon.