Greetings from Hoboken, Belgium!


I thought this was just another SPAM message about money or prescription drugs, but an email sent to Hoboken411 yesterday was legit!


Man in Belgium enamored by the word “Hoboken”

“Jan” – who is an aspiring patrolman in Hoboken, Belgium (a suburb of Antwerp) said he visited the police headquarters here in Hoboken, New Jersey. He emailed me to help him find an email address. Jan said:

“I am a police officer in Hoboken, Belgium. In the month June this year I visited the police station in Hoboken New Jersey. An officer named Jimmy Miller was very kind to us. He gave us his email address and we tried several times to send an email but the email always came back to us. I have even looked for an email address of the police station in Hoboken but the website is not working.

OK, I have a couple things to note about this:

  • If true, way to go Jimmy! Glad you were nice to the visiting policeman from across the globe! If you see this Jimmy, email me so I can give you Jan’s email… I guess he has a few questions for you.
  • Do you think Jan was provided some helpful tips from our police department?
  • Oh, I edited the email he sent me – quite a few, let’s say, “language muck-ups”…
  • What’s with our HPD website? It’s been “under construction” for what – years?

(FYI – these were random pictures of Hoboken, Belgium… not that Jan sent them in…)

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So, if Hoboken means “stop sandwich,” is THAT why it took Five Guys about two-and-a-half years to open?


The Lenape Indian for the area was “Hobocan Hackingh”, and i’m sure the high Dutch population along with John Stevens was more than happy to call their the land “Hobocan”, “Hoebuck” and “Hobuck” which morphed into todays “Hoboken” (no doubt helped by living near New Amsterdam…)


[quote comment=”109039″]PS – The legend is that Hoboken literally means “Stop Sandwich!”.

Check this out:,_Antwerp%5B/quote%5D

I wonder if people will finally understand my user name after about a year of confusing people…


Do they have yupadoo’s yelling, pissing and screaming all hours of the night, like we do ?