Fear Memos courtesy of Hoboken!

Fear Memos courtesy of Hoboken!

Have you paid attention or subscribed to the city of Hoboken’s DAILY “fear memos” (as we like to refer to them)?

These are like Chinese water torture (no pun intended) for the mentally weak.

Every single day – “reports” about “cases” and so on.

hoboken fear memos 411

So about 40 or so elderly people passed away because they said it was because of some virus they gave a catchy name to. How do you know? How many people just drop dead from the rest of the various diseases and illnesses?

No one is comparing data – and there is NO WAY for ANY of us to actually CONFIRM any of this “data” that is being spewed. 100% impossible. Most blind lemmings just believe everything they are told. Pathetic is the least of the problems.

A critical-thinking person would immediately wonder why. As well as looking back, connecting dots, and ask “CUI BONO?” We are at the precipice of a change in tide, in our opinion. There are more than enough people that are “awake” at the present time.

The main problem at this point is that a majority of those “awake,” or who at least have an inkling that something doesn’t add up – DO NOT SPEAK UP.

For whatever reason – most likely they’re afraid of backlash in their bogus social circle – or banishment from their retarded social media (fake) lives they are immersed in. But there are a MASSIVE number of people that know (deep inside) that this recent “crisis” just does not make sense. Just look at the incredible amount of information that contradicts all of it. Or how they’ve changed the narrative (and moving goalposts) too many times to count.

Imagine if they did the same for every illness or death?

What has happened in the past year is unprecedented. Brilliant, in a way – because as we always say – fear is the best motivator.

But what if they do the same for all illnesses and death?

You know, OVER-GLORIFY every single one. They could do it if they wanted to (but they don’t because there is more money in sick people.)

Obesity. Drug and alcohol abuse. Medical errors. Those would likely top the list. Then talk about every single case in every hospital. Every flu case. Every pneumonia. In fact, report ALL patients for all diseases – IN REAL TIME! Like a 24-hour news channel for sickness and death. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened in the future. You’d be shocked at how many people die every single day of the year!

The current “crisis” would absolutely PALE in comparison.

People would just cower in some corner and be perpetually scared.


We feel bad for those hiding under their covers each time a stupid email comes out from the city.

It is the opposite for us. We look at them and laugh harder each time. “OMG, how much further are they going to push this obvious LIE?” is what we ask ourselves. It’s getting to the point where we just don’t want to see the misinformation. But we need to in order to understand what psychopaths are up to.

I don’t know – the few people that “get it” in Hoboken need to band together in a serious way. And that means NOT on ANY social media platform. Do it the old-fashioned way – IN PERSON…

(By the way, it doesn’t have to be so black and white either. It’s not about a “revolution” every time. Subtlety works quite well, too. Just sayin’.)

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