2021: You live in a city. Any reason why?

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2021: You live in a city. Any reason why?

People move to a city like Hoboken for two main reasons.

To be close to their jobs – and to engage in fun “social” activities.

For the most part, those two reasons are nearly non-existent these days.

Most jobs are “remote,” and almost all social activities are ridiculously controlled by draconian regulations. Only suckers would demean themselves in order to participate.

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It’s over

The bubble burst.

You’re better off just saying “fuck it, city-living” and relocating to a place you can stretch out. Get more for your money. Do some homesteading. Focus on simpler things.

Plus – you can’t even walk around without 60,000 people with cameras ready to “expose” you if you’re not wearing your face diaper. The world has gone to shit.

And liberal cities have pretty much gone down the drain anyway. When they talk more about rainbow bike-lanes and getting rid of your car than the quarterly ransom you pay – you got big problems. Even bigger is the fact hardly anyone musters up more than a limp-wristed social media post to do anything about it.

The best option is to pack it up. Good luck finding a place that isn’t already nearly gone or circling the drain. At least you can have privacy if you choose carefully.

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