An Expert’s Cat Breed Guide to the Maine Coon

An Expert’s Cat Breed Guide to the Maine Coon

For those who are self-proclaimed cat-people, the Maine Coon is the ultimate feline pet to have in a home. They look gorgeous on photos, majestical while snoozing in the sun, and they provide loads of extra love in a family’s home.

Despite the fact that a Maine Coon falls within the feline category and species, they have many more distinct personality traits that should be considered before getting one. On top of their unique personalities, their size demands extra space, care, and grooming compared to their smaller counterparts.

If you are considering introducing a Coon into your home, then you should educate yourself first on the cat’s behavior and tendencies. Read along for everything you need to know.

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Physical Features

Maine Coon males can grow to be as large as a medium-sized dog weighing 5 kg while females can weigh between 3-5 kg. Typically, they have green, gold, or copper eye colors with a common trait of having odd-colored eyes as well. Their lifespan ranges between 9-13 years, making them a great house pet for families with children.

One of their most distinctive physical features is their pointy ears, long tails, and extremely furry body.

Their coats are long and straight and need regular grooming and maintenance to keep their luster and shine. Coming from New England to the United States, the Maine Coon is the only longhair breed native cat in the USA.

Coat colors range between black, white, silver, cream, brown, red, gold, and tortoiseshell. The pattern on their coats ranges between smoke, bicolor, solid color, shaded, tortoiseshell, and tabby. Coon owners will know that they have a high tendency to shed.

Even though they are quite healthy cats who tend to have a long life, it’s important to take them for regular vet visits. Add supplements to their diets to ensure they live a happy and healthy life, like the ones found here:

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Coons might look like they are high and mighty, but the fact is that they are actually very sweet-tempered and loving. They loving curling up on your bed and purring near you while you sleep. Coons aren’t that vocal and they tend to meow quite softly when they are hungry or frustrated.

Luckily, this big cat can adapt to any kind of environment as long as there is enough space. This brings us to the space required to ensure they remain happy and healthy. It comes as no surprise that this big cat needs a lot of space for activities and exercise.

It’s very important that owners invest in enough cat perches, trees, and walkways for them to get enough exercise throughout the day. They can get quite frustrated if they have to be cooped up in a small apartment all day without having high perches to sit on.

Maine Coons love to play and enjoy interactive games with cat toys and other pets in the home. They might become quite loud when running and playing, but there haven’t been any reports of Coons being violent or aggressive.

Maine Coon as a Housemate

You won’t have a problem living with this large cat if you don’t mind sharing your bed, your favorite chair, or your dining room table. Wherever this cat lays their heads, they take up all the space. This also means that they can knock over small statues and flower vases, they don’t mean to, but they can’t help it.

Because this cat breed is in high demand, there have been many reports of them being stolen out of yards or homes. Make sure that you create a safe space for them to play and have fun while being protected.

Their diet should also be closely monitored. Giving them too many treats or allowing them to eat as much as they want can result in obesity. Regular grooming is also very necessary. Taking good care of your giant feline is very important to ensure they remain happy and healthy. Read this ultimate care guide for tips and tricks on how to ensure your Coon is kept safe and in tip-top shape.

Maine Coons are definitely worth considering to introduce into your home.

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