Today’s news makes the classroom


Interesting post on the Hoboken Curriculum Project this past weekend. Dr. Anthony Petrosino points out that today’s news headlines gives the faculty some content for their teaching curriculum.

hoboken current events school - Today's news makes the classroom

Drawing Analogies and Contrasts with Current Events

“As the economic events of the past few weeks establish themselves as a permanent fixture on the headlines of our local newspapers, 24 hour news coverage, and numerous Internet blogs, we are reminded of the importance of drawing analogies and contrasts to other critical times in the economy of the United States. Incorporating current events is a wonderful way of grabbing and sustaining student interest. While the current economic situation we face seems to pose more questions than answers at the moment, the incorporation of historical narrative, presidential history, civics, sociology, basic economics and human behavior can create some wonderful educational and curricula opportunities.”

It’s called “current events”

Not sure about you guys, but this is nothing new. Even since I was in elementary school, my teachers always had incorporated “Current Events” each year. Whether it was President Ronald Reagan getting shot, or the Space Shuttle exploding, the 1987 stock market crash, or even weather events such as blizzards or tropical storms – big news of our time always made it into the classroom. We often had homework to do as well.

Maybe not enough to base entire classes on, but our teachers always had good discussions about powerful news stories.

Did you discuss “current events” in school?

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I liked Current Events homework, even if it was assigned on Fridays. Ah, the need to pick any article, read it and then summarize it in our own words. It was fun :).

(This dorkiness is exactly why I went to the prom alone.)