Obligatory Christmas Wishes Hoboken

Obligatory Christmas Wishes Hoboken

Merry Christmas! There, we’ve said it. True obligatory Christmas wishes indeed!

Just as we were cynical this past Thanksgiving – it seems appropriate to act similarly for Christmas as well.

Now perhaps some people would read me the wrong way – and say that something is wrong with us for not publishing something that toed the line with most others. We disagree.

You can bet your bottom dollar that there is a massive disparity between what you read – and what most authors really think privately. This is likely true with just about anything you read or hear these days.

What is sad is that hardly anyone “tells it like it is” anymore. They have to conform to what is socially acceptable. They’ll agree with others in conversation – even though it goes completely against what they think or feel inside. Or publish the same hokey bullshit year after year. “Aww, isn’t that sweet!” No – it’s exhausting.

Nothing wrong with cynicism. It’s healthy in fact. As long as it’s done intelligently and with a solid and logical critical thinking background.

Obligatory Christmas Wishes

What are Christmas Greetings anyway? Do they mean anything at all?

We’ve seen over the decades various holiday posts all over the world. Where people say nice things to each other.

But in the end – they’re just sound bites. They don’t add up to anything at all. It’s not like you can accumulate all your “best wishes” and other shallow kind sentences and build something from them.

Perhaps they can serve as some kind of temporary “feel-good medicine,” but they have no long-term effects. They quickly dissipate.

Christmas holidays are good within the family unit. As they promote togetherness, generosity, and goodwill. But we fail to understand the written and verbal exchanges between non-family individuals.

It’s like society as a whole was programmed into these social motions. “Great, we memorized our lines.” After seeing enough of this over time – you can’t help but see what utter bullshit it all is.

All of these are just manufactured holidays. And we’re kind of done with them!

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