An Idea That Has Come and Gone

Back in the day, people wanted “big brother” out of their way entirely. Today – it doesn’t cross their mind. They just pick which version of oppression and theft they get.

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An Idea That Has Come and Gone

by Robert Higgs

Have you ever been struck by the fact that most of the matters about which people demand that the government “do something” are none of their business, and hence no proper business of the government officials who purport to represent them, either? For most people, the idea that the government ought to be limited never crosses their minds. Moreover, the idea that the government should be confined to the enforcement of people’s natural rights would be viewed as not only crazy but evil.

In short, for nearly everyone now, limited government is not only an idea that has come and gone but an idea that never should have come in the first place. A genuinely free society is the last thing contemporary people want — and hence they will certainly never get.

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