If Face Diapers Work – How Come They’re Not Working?

Trigger warning: Reading this article requires common sense as well as both logical and critical thinking abilities. If do not possess all three (and/or have been starving your brain of much-needed oxygen) perhaps head over to People magazine or some other trash to get information more closely suited for your level of ability. Thanks!

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If Face Diapers Work – How Come They’re Not Working?

by Eric Peters

As this country faces Mandatory Face Diapering – because of the cases! the cases! – it’s interesting to note what’s happening in another country where Face Diapering has been mandatory for months.

The cases! The cases! are going up so much – in Britain – that the country is imprisoning its populace (i.e., “locking them down”) again.

What’s interesting about that is the fact that wearing face diapers has been mandatory there for everyone, everywhere for months.

Which raises the question no one in the Sickness Cult – least of all its Archbishop, Joe Biden – seems interested in posing much less answering:

If Face Diapers “stop the spread,” why is the virus spreading in Britain?

Whatever your views about the dangers of the WuFlu, wearing a Face Diaper doesn’t offer much – if any protection – as evidenced by the fact that the cases! the cases! are increasing among a population that wears their Diapers all the time, everywhere.

The verdict is in.

Diapers don’t work.

So why wear a Face Diaper?diaper 568

For reasons for that are several, none of them having anything to do with bodily health – the chief one being to stop the spread – of mental health.

People must be kept in a state of obeisant fear and that is most readily accomplished by insisting that everyone looks as though they are terrified members of a Doomsday Cult. This serves the dual purpose of terrifying the individual who is forced to wear the Diaper and of terrifying everyone else who sees nothing but Diapered people everywhere.

It creates the sight of a cult that everyone belongs to. This makes it extremely difficult for many people to show they aren’t cultists – even when they disbelieve in the cult’s bizarre theology – and even in the absence of enforcement.

There are many ways to understand this psychological operation.

One is the “racism” parallel, also used effectively by the same people pushing the Sickness Cult.

Most people are terrified of openly opposing any opinion which the arbiters of what is acceptable – the consolidated corporate media, its entertainment faction in Hollywood and of course the corporations themselves (who’ve succeeded, almost, in creating an oppressive nation-wide “company town” in which any sign of divergence from orthodoxy is punished by economic ex-communication) declaim to be  . . . ” racist.”safety cult

Even to the extent of opposing or not enthusiastically amen’ing actually racist attitudes, such as those expressed by the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement, who’s openly called for attacks on people who aren’t black and also even on black folks who don’t support the agenda planks of the BLM movement.

Most people genuflect, even if they don’t share the faith – because they are afraid of being seen as not believing.

The Face Diaper is of a piece, literally.

This piece of holy cloth is tangible evidence of submission to the faith. This faith must be enforced at all costs because if it should slacken or dissipate by visuals of obvious skepticism – the showing of faces – its power to terrorize and keep people submissive will falter.wizard of oz curtain

The analogy here is The Wizard of Oz. He is great and terrible so long as Dorothy and her friends don’t see what’s behind the curtain. Once they do, the Wizard’s power wilts; he is no longer great and terrible.

He is just a crank pulling tricks on people.

This explains why the consolidated corporate media has been all over the cases! the cases! in Britain, expounding sonorously about the need to imprison – i.e., to “lockdown” – the benighted, terrified people of that unfortunate country but utterly silent about the incongruity of the increase juxtaposed against the asserted universal palliative of Universal Face Diapering.

It didn’t “stop the spread.”

Ergo, there is no point in forcing Universal Face Diapering – unless the point is something other than “stopping the spread” . . . of a virus.

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