Hoboken411 Week in Review – 12.13.2020

Hoboken411 Week in Review – December 13, 2020

Hoboken411 Week in Review – for the week ending Sunday, December 13, 2020.

Hoboken411 Week in Review December 13 2020

Hoboken411 Posts:

  • Dear The USA: An open letter to Americans – has it come to this?
  • 3 years: What will you think about all this 3 years from now?
  • Hey kids!: Wonder how future generations will look back on this crisis.
  • Indoctrination and theft: Schooling as become a farce with this power-grabbing crisis.
  • The end: A terrible spot to be in – when it comes time to decide whether to put your dog down.
  • Ludicrous: This election nonsense we’re fighting through in 2020 is almost worse than the medical quackery of the past 100 years.

Wake-up PHOTO of the Week:

vaccine 411

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