The tough call of putting your dog (or cat) down

The tough call of putting your dog (or cat) down

As we mentioned a few weeks ago – the Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar had passed away.

putting your dog down

Hard decision to “pull the plug” on any living being

Oscar held his own for most of his life. Was a trooper.

But for much of 2020, his well-being degraded steadily.

Besides losing his vision, hearing, and sense of smell – he became unable to stand up on his own.

While once brought afoot, he managed to limber around a bit, it was probably because he didn’t want to become immobile again.

Was a troubling circumstance to deal with for much of this year. Including his inability to control his bodily fluids.

But there came a point a couple of weeks ago that we knew that it was time. The end was near.

You can just tell. You just know the moment has arrived, and any internal debate you used to have has turned into clarity.

We suspect that most pet owners go through something similar. Each individual has their own parameters on how to deal with the inevitable. In some cases, it is less difficult, and in others, it can be a grueling back and forth process that stretches out months or longer – often with a profound financial burden.

Ultimately, deciding when to end the life of your longtime companion sucks. There is no right answer or level of justification. You cannot know for certain if a dog wants to live, or “enjoys” life in general. But when you hear them crying and moaning daily, despite doing the best you can to keep them healthy, it becomes necessary. We wish for all pet owners that their animals passed “peacefully” in their sleep when it’s their time, and without pain and suffering. But that obviously is not the case in most instances.

We’re sad he’s gone. However, at the same time, we are so fortunate to have had that wonderful dog in our lives for such a long time. He was an integral part of our lives – and I credit him for many incredible things that happened to us.

See you on the other side, Oscar!

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