Best Gifts for Far Away Grandkids

Best Gifts for Far Away Grandkids

Now that social distancing seems like it may be a way of life for a while, it can be challenging to give gifts to the people you care about the most. If you have grandchildren who don’t live in the same city or state, here are a few gift ideas that can show them how much you care.

far away grandkids gifts - Best Gifts for Far Away Grandkids

Monetary Gifts

These days, there are plenty of ways to send money online — this is a gift your grandchildren are sure to enjoy. If you know a younger grandchild has been saving up to buy a new toy or an older grandchild wants money for clothes and shoes, your cash gift will be well appreciated. Sending money is easier than ever now since you can electronically transfer funds to a grandchild’s bank account or send it to his/her parents. If your grandson or granddaughter has a phone app that accepts cash, you can send the gift first thing in the morning on the child’s birthday or another special occasion so your present will be the first thing he/she receives.

Food Delivery

If you’re not able to attend your grandchild’s birthday or graduation party, you can still celebrate with him/her by sending some delicious treats to your grandchild’s doorstep. There are several delivery services that allow you to search local restaurants and bakeries so you can send anything from a cake to a celebratory breakfast or dinner. If you let the delivery service know that you’re sending the food as a gift, you can add a card with a personal message from you. You can also call your grandson or granddaughter on FaceTime so you can see his/her reaction when the food arrives.

Online Gift Cards

As your grandchildren get older, they will likely prefer to pick out their own clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can send online gift cards to your grandchildren so they can buy the clothing they want from their favorite stores. This allows your grandkids to maintain their sense of style and try new looks during quarantine so they can enter the new school year with confidence and be reminded of how much you love them.


Most young people are excited to receive electronics as gifts. You can send your grandchild a new phone, tablet, or laptop in the mail, or give them the funds to choose the device they want. These gadgets allow your grandkids to watch their favorite shows and videos, communicate with friends and family members, and complete homework assignments. You can choose from a number of styles and colors depending on the colors and graphics your grandchildren prefer and encourage them to keep in touch with you online so you can continue to strengthen your bond even when you’re not able to see each other in person.

These are just a few of the presents you can send your grandkids to celebrate a birthday, congratulate them on an accomplishment, or simply show that you care. Taking advantage of online gift-giving also helps you participate in special occasions for your grandchildren no matter where you are.

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