The Home School You Pay For… Twice?

Yep – it seems they fleece you no matter what you do! (Related: You ever think about why you have to pay a higher “ransom” depending on the size of your apartment? Does your home use more “city resources” because your living room is bigger than the next guy?)

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The Home School You Pay For… Twice?

by Eric Peters

The fomented mass hysteria over WuFlu has cost us more – in terms of basic liberties – than the German Nazis and Soviet Russians ever managed to, combined – over the course of a World War and a Cold War that, together, spanned more than half a century. It has also cost us more in money – including the double-tax of being forced to hand over money for “the schools” and then forced to use our home as a school – without so much as a pro-rata discount on the taxes we’re still forced to pay for “the schools” we aren’t allowed to use.

A reader sends in the following:

Lately, I’m concerned that our property rights are being infringed upon by educators restricting areas inside homes to do their “educating. Some require the exclusion of some or all other activities that can take place in the space. If my child is educated in a room of my house that I can’t use during some hours, then the school system needs to cut me a check for using my real estate. There seems to be no end to how much of the “village” we have to let into our homes because of WuFlu. It is creepy that my home would become a digital playground for leftist-educators to inventory, monitor, make adjustments to, and virtually own it for themselves during these sessions. If the state wants to rent space in my house to indoctrinate my child, then I certainly want to pay less in taxes or have some other kind of representation or consideration.

Indeed. And of a piece with being mulcted to pay for the retirement of people, you never met at the cost of your own retirement security and then mulcted again on the meager pittance remitted when  – if – you ever manage to retire yourself.corona school

It brings to mind the dictum, which many people forget, that there is no free lunch.

In fact, you generally pay more for the “free” lunch than you would have had you bought your own lunch in the first place. This is so because you decide how much you’re going to pay for the “lunch” – whether it takes the form of food or the education of your child or the provisioning for your own retirement.

You are the arbiter of your needs. Not a random stranger, who cannot know them and who will inevitably put his own need – for power, acquired by keeping himself in a position to arbitrate your needs – ahead of your actual needs.

Thus, the arbiters who control the “school” – really, more of a government-controlled warehouse for the socialization of children according to the interests of the government – can close it at their whim while also forcing you to pay for its continued existence, as well as the salaries of the personnel therein. While also requiring that you use your own home as a “school” – not only without compensation but with a taking – a legal term that refers to the deprivation of property without compensation for some use by the government.

And – as you note – it is more than merely that.

Not only are you required to devote a portion of the floor space of what you thought was your home to the service of the government, which no longer provides the “service” it forces you to pay for, thereby robbing you not only of money but also the use of your own property – the one you’re serially and perpetually forced to pay rent to the government on  via “real estate” taxes in order to avoid being evicted from the home you thought you owned – your home has now become a kind of branch office of that same taxes

It decrees how it must be furnished and enumerates how it must be used, including who may be present and for how long. It even insists that cameras and microphones be installed so that its minions can monitor compliance with its terms and conditions, eliminating what was perhaps the very last bastion of privacy left to human beings in this country – a man’s home is now the government’s castle.

If a minion doesn’t like what it sees, this can trigger minions entering what you thought was your home, pretty much anytime they like. Their ululation will be, “the children!” Which you also perhaps quaintly considered yours.

Incidentally, this same ululation will be deployed upon people who already home-schooled, by choice. There will be no exception granted them from real-time observation by the minions, to assure all is going as the government likes as regards its kids.evict

But this development is natural – inevitable. It flows from the long-ago-accepted obscenity that Americans do not own their homes because the government is the landlord of all American homes, its ownership expressed plainly by the fact that the homeowner must pay the government a regular sum – rent, by any definition though it is re-branded (like Social Security “contributions”) as “property taxes.” Call it what you like. If you are compelled to pay a sum of money in order to avoid being evicted then you are a renter, no matter that you paid off the mortgage.

Renters do not have property rights.

They occupy a dwelling temporarily, at the pleasure of the landlord – who decrees the terms and conditions of occupancy. This is the hard fact of home-not-ownership in the United States.Free lunch 1

And it is the mechanism by which parents – and people who aren’t even parents – have been forced to finance “the schools” over which they have no control.

When you have no control, you can be forced not only to keep on paying for what you do not use but also forced to pay in other ways, as by opening your home life to that same government and accepting its further assertion of ownership over what you perhaps thought was your home and your life – as well as your kids – these mental defense mechanisms being necessary delusions (else you might decide to stop working – and paying).

The solution is obvious – and perhaps Americans will come to see it:

Pay for your own lunch.

You’d be surprised what a bargain it is.

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