Why is Booker still around?

Why is Booker still around?

How does this guy remain in any political capacity at all?

Listen to this loon:

Oh, I forgot – he aids the agenda of those people. Got it. Forgot about our corrupt system for a minute and relied on plain old logic instead. Sorry.

From Save Jersey:

To the surprise of no one, Barrett’s fealty to the Constitution and the finest traditions of the American justice system had Cory Booker absolutely losing his shit on the floor of the U.S. Senate shortly before the 52-48 final confirmation vote.

“I was surprised that they could not speak to one article, one column or one book, they’ve read about issues of race and the law,” Booker whined during a lengthy nearly half-hour-long rant referring, he said, to his conversations with then-nominee Barrett.

Cory shouldn’t be all too surprised his “conversations” with ACB were less than constructive. He did (like the rest of his party) declare against the nomination from the moment it was announced. That’s a poor starting point for a productive dialogue.


…is a U.S. Supreme Court justice really supposed to let racial politics – or any other sort of politics, including BLM – govern his or her decisions? Isn’t that ironically little different to what Leftists said they feared about ACB’s nomination: her being alarmingly too devout a Catholic?

Aren’t judges supposed to set personal prejudices and preferences aside and apply the law dispassionately? Treating all men and women equal under the law regardless of race, gender or creed? Ruling on cases independent of whatever latest grievance culture fad is popular on social media?

Did Justice Barrett take an oath to honor the Constitution? Or some whacked-out law professor’s latest treatise on critical race theory?

I think ACB has the measure of what makes this country work much better than Spartacus. She knows that true justice is color blind, judges serve best when detached from an agenda, and that American history is unforgiving to demagogues (like Cory Booker) who have less-than-admirable intentions for our country’s institutions.

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