Social Media and Centralized Content Distribution {BAD!}

Social Media and Centralized Content Distribution {BAD!}

We still visit websites. Do you? Or are you one of those people who spend most of their time viewing your “feeds” via social media platforms or centralized content distribution or video sites? Only if you are teased enough to want to “jump” from those algorithm-curated sites to the wild web?

The concept of free/cheap distribution channels is nice (on paper). But when those running them become idealized “gatekeepers” of what is deemed acceptable or unacceptable – there is a major problem.

centralized content distribution

Centralized Content Distribution or Political Operations?

We can understand the quagmire for global operations that gets billions of views on their platforms each day. They hate any bad press. Well, I suspect they prioritize which bad press to pay attention to. Because there is a lot of negative feedback coming from groups across the board.

They obviously are appeasing the mindset of their core “clan.” Usually political.

These companies are really not open platforms anymore. They’re propaganda outlets first and foremost. So if any messages that contradict their ideological beliefs become popular, they shut them down. Even if that causes them to lose a few pennies here and there.

People should decide what they want to see, read, or watch

Ideally – anything deemed good or bad should be an individual’s decision. Most of us understand that frame of thinking.

However, these days there is a general “outrage” that didn’t seem to exist until relatively recently.

If some person (i.e., a “Karen”) disapproves of anything you do – they want you SHUT DOWN, silenced, and financially ruined. A very childish approach if you ask us. Even if whatever it was (i.e., “opinion”) caused no direct harm to anyone whatsoever.

A very slippery slope for society to be on if you ask us.

The tide will turn – uncharted waters ahead

As it stands now – the whole situation looks a little bleak for those who value their 1st Amendment.

The major platforms that dominate the attention-spans of the world are firmly entrenched.

And while there are many “alternative” outlets that do not have such Orwellian policies, their reach is a mere fraction of what the tech monopolies have. That makes spreading your word that much more difficult to do.

But if any resistance or movement is good enough – they will spread. It just may take longer than desired.

What needs to happen is these mega-billion-dollar tech companies have to be removed from having any political influence. How that happens when there are a million ways to skirt any regulations remains to be seen.

Man, we really do miss what the internet was – even as recently as 10 years ago. It’s been on a downward spiral since.

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