Pass the Kool Aid

Sheer genius, whoever planned this global situation out.

pass the kool aid

Pass the Kool Aid

by Eric Peters

That the members of the Diaper Cult belong to a cult is easily demonstrated – without need to point out the logical absurdity of forcing someone who isn’t sick to wear a Diaper or the outright idiocy of insisting they do for just long enough to place an order in a deli conga line or walk to a table before taking the thing off for the duration of their meal.

It is, simply, that any old rag will do.

Literally. All that is necessary to avoid being hassled about a “mask” is to pull up a neck sock or loosely drape a bandana around your mouth and nose. A motorcycle helmet meets the criteria  . . . for showing you accept the tenets of the cult.

If it weren’t a cult of sickness as opposed to being about sickness then there would be minimum standards for “masks” that would exclude the material equivalent of patent medicines and snake-oil. People would be required to wear a respirator fine enough to prevent them from exuding viral material and inhaling it. Goggles would be required in addition because, without them, even the wearing of a respirator is like wearing a partial space suit to walk on the surface of the Moon.

Not just silly – but lethal.

So, they’re not really serious  . . . about sickness. They are serious about miming it.pantomime

The as to why is the real question. What is to be gained by making everyone pretend that everyone else is sick or might be and that the only way to keep everyone from getting or giving a sickness is to efface the face behind literally anything . . . so long as the face is effaced?

The answers are several and – sickening.

The first is of course to maintain the hysteria about sickness, both the getting and the giving. This serves the purpose of making everyone afraid of everyone else – which serves to prevent anger from fomenting in the right direction, toward the state itself. Sickness is blamed for the loss of jobs, liberty, and what was just ten months ago ordinary face-to-face human interactions.Diaper 6666

The Diaper makes everyone look alike and appear to think alike. This is absolutely essential for maintaining the discipline of the cult, which requires submission to orthodoxy.

Obedience for its own sake. Submission – as the radical Islamists style it (more on that in a moment).

This explains the as-if-on-cue switcheroo in early summer from the body count to the “case” count. Which was necessary to foment Mass Diapering – via mass hysteria – in order to create the impression of an ongoing – a worsening and never-ending – “crisis”  . . .before too many people caught on that it had passed.

That it never was.

This is why there has been no letup in reporting “the cases! the cases!”   . . . to prevent that realization from dawning by shouting it down. And because of that, no real letup in the Diapering even though it is now generally true that the formal orders to Diaper have been rescinded or aren’t being enforced.Diaper V

People Diaper, regardless.

Many will Diaper forever – for exactly the same reason that many Mormons wear what is styled the “garment” and some orthodox Jews wear a yarmulke.

It is a sign of belonging.

The difference, of course, is that neither the Catholics nor the Mormons insist that others outside their order pretend to belong by performing the same rituals and wearing the same ritual clothing. Even the Amish don’t insist that everyone grow a beard and wear a black outfit.

But that is because these cults – pardon the term, but it’s etymologically accurate ( a religion is just a cult that’s gone mainstream and lasted awhile) have mellowed over the years, generally because they were forced to. People tired of burnings-at-the stake and the multiple marriages of 12 year-olds to 60-year-olds.

They had to tone it down.Jim 1

But the Diaper Cult is a young and vigorous cult that hasn’t had time to mellow and become a going-through-the-motions thing. Its closest analog is radical Islam, which – mark this – also insist on the wearing of an item of clothing and not just by the faithful. To not wear it if in their company is to risk outraging ululations and very possibly an attack.

If it sounds familiar, it should.

Also familiar – and alarming – is that the fanaticism of the fervent cannot be calmed with reason. A Sickness Psychotic is as deaf to the facts about the ordinary-flu-like Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of the WuFlu – i.e., the number of otherwise healthy people who get seriously sick and then actually die – as well as the fatuity of accepting any old rag as a “mask” – as a Jihadi with a boxcutter.

These people can only be dealt with in one way – and it may come to just that.

God help them. God help us.


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