{Cynical} Thanksgiving 2020 – Time for a change, right?

{Cynical} Thanksgiving 2020

Today marks the 15th consecutive Thanksgiving Thursday that Hoboken411.com has been online.

And it will hopefully be the last reference we ever make to this “tradition” (from a website standpoint, that is).

There is only so much you can wring out of a holiday as a publisher. Each year you rack up – you notice the changes.

When you’re wet behind the ears, you follow a “script” or some kind of template that was laid out before your time. Typical media crap. What’s open. Macy’s Parade photos. Parking information. Just boring things. Leaves little to the imagination – no real sense of adventure or chance.

Then you feel the need to flip the script, possibly becoming cynical about it all. And since you have no one telling you what you can or cannot say, it can be liberating. (Our favorite posts were Thanksgiving 2017 – as well as “Everything is Closed!”)

thanksgiving empty restaurant - {Cynical} Thanksgiving 2020 - Time for a change, right?

How time changes everything

Transforming from a clone of a media puppet – to a free-thinker is an awesome feeling.

Over the last 5 years or so, we’ve noticed our tone change. From those hokey events – to reality. Perhaps even saying what most people think, but are afraid to publicly exclaim.

It always felt obligatory to have some kind of “angle” on this day the majority of people partake in. Publishers do that because it gives them purpose. As well as easy story ideas. As I said, it’s just a template that doesn’t really require much thought. Just new subjects to talk about.

But being cookie-cutter may work for some people (including us in the past), but we feel it’s not normal to follow suit like clockwork without wanting to break free. I guess traditions can start feeling worn out.

Everyone knows Thanksgiving – so what is there to say?

Thanksgiving is just a one-day holiday (and perhaps quite a few people extend them for a few days, even a week or more). And it’s almost always the same song and dance. Perhaps it’s a marker in the annual calendar that shifts the mindset into the “holiday” mode or spirit.

But it’s just a day.

And most know what they have to deal with when it comes to whatever minor inconveniences they may encounter (i.e., closings). And there will always be countless outlets where you can find out what you might want to know.

I guess one good question is – can you live with the unknown? Is that even possible in the information age?

Choosing more interesting and unique content

So starting in 2021 – Thanksgiving on Hoboken411.com will not be recognized anymore. You all know the drill already – what more can there be?

Instead – we will continue publishing or sharing what we feel are insightful articles that are more beneficial to your mind and your worldview. Every day is then something you can be thankful for and appreciate.

Standing out in a sea of clones may be considered weird for most people. But over time, I get the sense that it will come back in style. And strong as hell!

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