Best low carb spiked seltzers

Best low carb spiked seltzers

Drinking alcohol and being low carb is no easy task. But who is aware of the spiked seltzers you can enjoy?

Many people consume mass amounts of sugar with their drinks. Especially “fruity” drinks. Or even hard-cord drinks like rum and coke.

Ideally – you want to limit your sugar intake at all times.

Even beer – despite some folks saying maltose isn’t so bad for you – should probably be avoided.

Hardcore low-carb individuals might just stick with straight vodka or other liquors. But that doesn’t always work for everyone.

Red wine is also considered okay – provided it’s not over-consumed.

spiked seltzers low carb

Spiked Seltzers are awesome for low carb diets

But one of our favorite low-carb alcoholic beverages is the “spiked seltzers.”

There are so many on the market now – with new ones being announced almost weekly it seems.

You need to be prudent and carefully analyze the difference between brands.

Some have higher carb amounts – even suspect sweeteners that can alter how much you drink.

The best ones have the lowest carbs and zero added sugar.

Here are our three favorite low-carb spiked seltzers at the moment.

  1. Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer – at 4.5% ABV – these have been the “go-to” for quite a while. Get good scores across all factors. Price, taste, etc.
  2. Natural Light. We like these because, while they are a few grams of carbs higher – they have a higher alcohol content – and score huge points because of the value proposition.
  3. Smirnoff 8% Seltzer – our favorite because of the overall value. About half the cost per drink compared to the standard Smirnoff. We dilute because the straight seltzer is quite rough tasting. But you cannot get a better bang for your buck.

What is your favorite spiked seltzer?

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