COVID Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them?

So much information out there – you can choose what you want to believe. Whatever fits your own personal narrative and “echo chamber.” But some critical thinking might be helpful instead of bone-headed cheerleading and tribe-mentality.

COVID lies

COVID Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them?

by Baron Bodissey

When I posted my observations about the coronavirus “pandemic”, I put the cart before the horse. Those were the conclusions I had drawn after sifting through cubic hectares of data on COVID-19, but I didn’t include any sources. I’ll list some of those sources here, along with some additional data.

In the video below, Paul Weston discusses the statistics of COVID testing, and why the large numbers of false positives render “case counts” essentially meaningless:


Mr. Weston doesn’t make it clear whether the expected error rate in PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests would be expected to go in both directions, or would be false positives only. The second video embedded below will help clarify why the errors are essentially all false positives, but even if there could be both false positives and false negatives, a simple calculation shows how bogus the media’s “case numbers” are.

Suppose the expected error rate is 1%, and that the PCR test is administered to ten million people. That means that out of those ten million people, 100,000 would either show false positives or false negatives. Further suppose that the tests indicate that there are 60,000 coronavirus “cases”. That means that at least 50,000 of those supposed infections are false positives, leaving at most 10,000 cases of the disease. However, the media would report 60,000 as the number or coronavirus infections, as if it were an established fact.

The second video features Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who is licensed to practice law in both Germany and California. He explains the fraudulent nature of the panic over the coronavirus, which is deliberately created and maintained by Western governments, globalist interests, and the media. He also outlines a possible recourse for lockdown opponents: a class-action lawsuit against the government for the substantial harm done to ordinary citizens by draconian anti-COVID measures undertaken for fraudulent reasons.

He also helps clarify why all the errors in the PCR test would tend to be false positives. Pay special attention to his detailed explanation of the uselessness of the PCR test as a tool for diagnosing infection with the coronavirus (or any other disease):


The PCR test does not actually detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2, or any other specific antigen. It simply indicates the presence of a certain sequence of RNA, which is contained in COVID-19 as well as other coronaviruses. It may also be present as a leftover fragment of a virus particle, without there being any infection whatsoever.

A random bowl of porridge is probably just as likely to test positive for COVID-19 as a nasal or throat swab from a human being.

There are reams of data out there supporting the above assertions. Facebook and YouTube may well delete any discussion of them, but they are well-sourced and meaningful. A dedicated reader who is willing to stray outside the pale of the MSM and major social media can discover the facts for himself.

For more information debunking the drastic measures taken against the Wuhan Coronavirus, see this useful post from Power Line about the data from Minnesota and its four neighboring states (North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin), which had widely disparate approaches to dealing with the virus. It references this article, which displays four graphs that make it clear that the lockdowns and mask mandates and other restrictions are utterly ineffectual.

The above data — plus much more that I have read, but not saved the links for — are why I am not at all afraid of the deadly COVID-19 virus. The worldwide freak-out over the disease is utterly spurious.

The universal panic and hysteria are being fomented by the Powers That Be for various overlapping reasons that serve multiple interests. Some of those interests — those of the vaccine manufacturers, the globalists, the progressive politicians who lust after more power for the state — are obvious. Others are more occluded, and may not become clear until decades from now, when the history of this time of mass insanity is written.

Assuming, that is, that there any competent historians left in the degraded remnants of our culture.

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