Massive exodus from NYC leaves apartments empty

The same is true for any over-populated area with lunatics and their supporters. Might be sensible to invest in areas further away from the riff-raff.

NYC exodus 411 - Massive exodus from NYC leaves apartments empty

Massive exodus from NYC leaves apartments empty

by Blaine Traber

Democrats in New York City are blaming their challenges with the coronavirus. And just as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blamed President Trump for New York’s problems, city officials have taken to the same talking point when trying to explain away why so many residents are fleeing the city. There’s a problem with their thinking. COVID-19 infections and deaths are on a downward trend. If anything, one is LESS likely to catch the disease in New York City than elsewhere because of the high levels of people infected already.

In other words, the coronavirus is just an excuse for the real problem rising in the Big Apple. According to The Daily Wire:

Bill de Blasio’s New York City has become such an inhospitable place due to the COVID-19 lockdowns and the ongoing civil unrest stemming from Black Lives Matter protests that apartment vacancies in Manhattan have surged to record numbers.

According to Fox Business, the real estate and consulting firm Miller Samuel found that rental listings in the Big Apple have risen 14.5% since August of last year—to a record 15,025. Simultaneously, the vacancy rate has climbed a record 5.1%.

The lockdowns have definitely had an effect on multiple levels, but fear COVID-19 itself isn’t one of them. The people want to get out and get on with their lives. They’re less concerned about catching a virus with a 99.94% survival rate for those under 40 than they are about the high costs of living there with limited possibilities for making a living. With businesses shut down, it’s simply too difficult to live there.

As long as lockdowns keep streets empty during the days and Black Lives Matter rioters rule the streets at night, New York City is not going to recover. Unless they make changes soon, they may never recover.

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