Living in Fear – it is just an IDEA! Right?

Living in Fear – it is just an IDEA!

So many people across the globe are “afraid” (or in fear) of countless things. Certainly, some fears are legitimate. But most of them are manufactured.

Think about this for a minute: Everyone dies.

Anyone older than a small child should know that you are mortal. You cannot live forever.

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Thought experiment: 120 years from today

Here’s a perspective.

In 120 years from now – the ENTIRE planet Earth will have NO ONE that is alive today. With the exception of maybe a handful perhaps. But in essence, every single human being alive NOW – will be DEAD 120 years from now.

The whole globe will have a completely NEW set of human beings compared to right this minute.

So what is going on with the scared human populace?

Remember – Fear sells. And fear influences.

It is our belief that humans are programmed to fear.

  • The basic instinct is to fear for your safety (i.e., life) of yourself – and often your family (mate, offspring – if you’re not a freak of society that cannot procreate.)
  • Natural fears (like the animal kingdom) are from predators or other dangerous situations that may potentially inflict harm (storms, precarious situations, etc.)
  • Societal fears come from loss. Such as income, safety, well-being, health, etc.
  • Intellectual fears usually come from your own mind. Often impregnated by peddlers of information (real or fake), such as the mainstream media, and other outlets.

And if you’ve been paying attention to the world – FEAR is still the number one way to influence LARGE BODIES of humanity. Look at this latest “crisis” as the clearest and most obvious example. It’s sad.

Other than basic common sense – and understanding when to be AFRAID of an untimely injury, misfortune, or death – living in fear is no way to “live” life, right?

Might as well just kill yourself to get it over with.

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But why doesn’t imminent death (at some point) bother most people?

See – this is kind of what bugs us personally.

We (collectively) all know that death is coming. Why don’t more people dwell on the fact that we are not immortal? Don’t you think that single fact would drive humanity nuts?

What keeps people sane enough to live day to day knowing they will be gone at some (unknown) point in the future?

How do they cope with that?

Yet get scared out of their wits because some third-party told them some bad germ was roving the planet?

Can you explain that?

What is a “life worth living?”

Back before this current “scary movie” (trust us – there will be MANY MORE), most sane individuals just wanted to live life. To have some kind of purpose.

Today, most are literally imprisoned by this web of fear, regulations, and other control mechanisms.

It’s hard (other than living off the grid), to live an ordinary life without being affected by this global scam.

Almost everyone and everything has been changed within one single calendar year.

Fucked up.

mask arrested covid christians

Fear case in point: “COVID-19”

Why are 80% of the people scared? Why do some refuse to wear masks?

How do some people “see the writing on the wall” (i.e., illogical, does not add up), and others believe every scary news nugget?

Why today? Is it because they (media and other influencers) have changed the narrative? Or their awful echo chambers?

When you look at statistics – the so-called “COVID” is along the same lines as many other “flu” type sicknesses. At least according to the (suspect) data that is being propagated to the populous. What do you believe?

With all the false positives and other erroneous information – why aren’t more people just getting fed up with the static? Why do they keep hanging on to whatever the latest “nugget” of information is?

Can you look around and see? That everything, for the most part, is exactly the same as it always was?

Why don’t more people just say – “enough already?”

Food for thought: Your own initial fear

Remember riding a bike for the first time? Or trying a skateboard? Or skiing?

All beginners (especially kids) have natural fears. Typically of falling or getting hurt.

Then the beginner becomes a novice. Then an intermediate. After much practice – they become proficient, oftentimes reaching near “expert” level.

The fears once experienced are gone. And new, bigger fears might come along as the “levels” increase upwards. Challenges increase.

Those first fears are a forgotten memory. Most people do not even recall the feeling they had before they “got used to it.” Gone almost like the knowledge that you will, indeed, die at some point in the future.

Perhaps that’s the ticket? Just keep moving along? Until it’s the end?

Maybe more people should adopt that mindset and deal with this “scary movie” in the exact same way.

scary germs and fear

Conclusion: Fuck it.

Remember all those “emergency room” staged photos? Or the other bogus scare tactics from back in the winter?

What happened? Did half the planet drop dead?


It seems like life is progressing just fine. Just with ugly masks and bad breath.

And of course, stupid fucking idiots running amok. Like always. Except there seems to be more and more – along with more dangerous followers.

If you’re like us – you don’t see any big problem. You just see a flawed species called human beings.

The new game in town is figuring out how to navigate this next level and to win. Plain and simple.

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