Voter fraud penalties are weak (perhaps Capital Offense?)

Voter fraud penalties are weak

All this talk about voter fraud. Especially during this election cycle, right?

But as most of you know – election fraud has been happening since day one. Increasingly each and every year as technology evolves. Most likely every single modern Presidential election was decided by voter fraud (except perhaps 2016 – “they never thought she would lose.”)

And it appears that the stage is set for massive voting fraud in 2020 – with 80 million unsolicited mail-in ballots.

However, the punishments for those caught seem too insignificant to ever serve as deterrence against future acts of wide-scale voter fraud. So what to do?

voter fraud in america punishments

Should large-scale election fraud be a Capital Offense?

When you think about it – voter fraud can be considered treasonous. Maybe not “war” against the United States in the strict sense of the word, but circumventing the power of the people.

Consider this tidbit – if you took just five counties out of California in 2016 – Trump would have won the popular vote. Tell me something tricky wasn’t going on there.

But to literally render millions of U.S. Citizens vote useless – because many corrupt people altered the actual vote tally to change the outcome is awful. And in most cases, interfering with public elections is considered a misdemeanor.

And it’s obviously a very large-scale operation that needs coordination and money. How come absolutely NO ONE “at the top” has been caught yet? Is everyone padding each other pockets that badly that the racket continues almost in plain sight?

Hopefully – the fraudsters get sloppy in 2020.

In all seriousness, would making wide-scale voter fraud a Capital Offense (such as at least life in prison – or even execution) do anything to ensure “clean” elections going forward?

Maybe one day this can all be cleaned up properly. Because this sham of a system has been allowed to go on for way too long, right?

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