Weekend Weather Outlook

9/26/2008 Update:

We did OK today, but seems as if tonight and tomorrow is when they’re saying the drenching rains will occur:


9/25/2008 Update:

A heads up from 4th Ward Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer about the impending foul weather, and more fruity weather graphics from Hoboken411:

Flood Advisory/Free Parking Announcement

5:30 pm, Thursday, September 25th – Sunday, September 28th, 10:00 am
Garage B – Located on 2nd Street between Hudson and River Streets
(Please check in with attendant, and bring print-out of this announcement as backup).

“Thanks to Hoboken411 and concerned 4th Ward residents for alerting me to upcoming weather predictions. Thanks again to Director Corea for providing the free parking option.”

4th Ward Councilwoman Zimmer


Previous weather updates from yesterday after the jump…



Have to get the Hoboken weather updates in at some point!

While today will another gorgeous day, it seems like there’s some trouble brewing in the south that will bring some messy rain Thursday and Friday – with a big question mark for the weekend (potential for tropical-storm like conditions).

Whether this weather outlook qualifies for more “run for the hills – we need free parking again from the city remains to be seen.

Beautiful weather may end soon


The Northeast will benefit from high pressure overhead on Wednesday. The high will provide a delightful afternoon. Although the day will start on a chilly note, temperatures will quickly warm underneath brilliant sunshine.


Pounding surf will continue to batter the coastline of the mid-Atlantic and Southeast on Wednesday due to the interaction of a strong area of high pressure with a developing low. Strong winds resulting from this will not only rough up the ocean, but will drive water toward the coastline. A heightened threat for dangerous rip currents and coastal flooding will result.

(Hoboken weather outlook, continued…)


The week will end in a dramatically different way from how it started across most of the East Coast. A developing offshore low will spread rain along the Carolina coastline on Wednesday. The rain will expand to the western Carolinas on Thursday as the low creeps inland.

Rain will also encompass places from the Virginias to southern New England. The door will be opened for rich tropical moisture to surge over these areas as the high providing the Northeast with a nice afternoon Wednesday shifts off the coast.

The mid-Atlantic beaches will continue to be pounded by strong onshore winds and rough surf. Waves will also build along the southern New England coast.


The Northeast has been put on alert for potential tropical trouble this weekend. The low churning over the Dominican Republic has the potential to trek northward, then curve into the Northeast early Saturday as a powerful hurricane. (Impossible to tell at this point, however…)

It must be stressed that this scenario is anything but certain. The path of the low will become clearer once it develops tropically and the low off the Carolina coastline takes shape. The latter low could keep the low now in the Dominican Republic over the open waters of the western Atlantic.

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[quote comment=”108109″]across the street – how convenient.

anybody who tries, let us know what the attendants say.[/quote]

They wouldn’t give it to me. What a bunch of bs. They sent me to the other lot to talk to a manager and he gave me the runaround.


across the street – how convenient.

anybody who tries, let us know what the attendants say.


Can’t argue against free parking! Thanks Dawn!