Human Behavior – What makes us human?

Hardly anyone knows the true foundation of human beings and human behavior. Lost in the sauce – muddied in the water. Time for a refresher course.

what makes us human beings human - Human Behavior - What makes us human?

Human Behavior – What makes us human?

by Hardscrabble Farmer

Human beings are first and foremost a species of mammal. If you are in denial of this biological fact then there is no way you are ever going to understand human behavior and discover why people act the way that they do.

We are hardwired by our Creator, Nature, evolution – whichever belief system you choose to believe in – to fulfill a specific destiny. Just as a cat or a dog expresses itself in specific ways so too does our own genus.

1. Social Humans

Human beings are social animals. They require the support, nurture, acceptance, and embrace of other human beings from their birth until their passing and while there exist outliers – mountain men in the 18th and 19th century, hermits or castaways – the vast majority of mankind lives out his destiny in the companionship of others. This is primarily built around the nuclear family, Mother, Father, sisters, and brothers extending outward through bloodlines and followed closely by the local community, clans, tribes, neighbors, friends, schoolmates, co-workers, brothers in arms, etc. The values we embrace during our lives are not, nor have they ever been self-created, but rather passed on by these members of each community, culture, or nation.

In the absence of these fundamental connections – in the case of refugees, orphans, prisoners, outcasts, etc. there are always associated pathological behaviors that develop and often plague the person throughout their life. Alienation, depression, self-harm, criminal behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, and an attraction to fringe sub-cultures and cults in order to replace the bonds that have been broken or do not exist. The most severe cases are those that arise from a disruption in our closest bonds; absent fathers, separation from extended family, geographic isolation. The importance of social inclusion and a solid family foundation cannot be underestimated in the prevalence of social and psychological disorders we are currently experiencing.

2. Work is human nature

Human beings were designed for work. Our hands with their opposable thumbs and our fragile bodies devoid of fangs, claws, poison glands, quills, shells, etc. leave us vulnerable throughout our lives but for our ability to create and use tools in order protect ourselves. Our hands create the things we do not have to defend ourselves from predation, or the elements; housing, weapons, fire, clothing. Idle hands, it has been said, are the Devil’s workshop.

3. Humans find surrogate families and environments

When you divorce an animal from its natural environment and inclinations you create an environment where destiny asserts itself despite the malformation of its ideal conditions. A young man with no family will join a gang, his surrogate family. A woman who has been cast out will make her own tribe by having children. A European descended child told throughout his lifetime that his race is inherently evil will be drawn to those that are promoted as noble, etc.

All of the forms and signs of his origins may be absent or sublimated, but his need for inclusion and the symbols of tribal affiliation will not abate. This explains the sudden rise in tattoos, body modifications, etc which are merely age-old cultural traditions of other races. A person who cannot find pride in his own race will still seek it in the outward projection of acceptable standards, hence the Rachel Dolezal’s, Jessica Krugs, Shaun Kings, etc.

4. Feminism is almost anti-human

The mating and reproductive energies of youth are perhaps the single most powerful drives in our species. As feminism supplanted traditional Western values of family formation – one man/one woman and their children – women were free to be promiscuous and their choices – no different than the male of the species – is focused on the most desirable examples of the opposite sex, the alphas and chads, rather than on settling for a lifetime match with a stable and loyal provider of less than godlike appearance.

This accounts for the fact that 5% of American males have access to 75% of American females while the balance must accept whatever remainder exists. As the feminist/multicultural/corporate Globo-homo experiment promoted no-strings-attached sex, delay of family formation, birth control, and abortion, adherence and transmission of family/tribal/clan/race loyalties to competing groups the percentage of the population that were removed from their traditional connections increased exponentially creating huge numbers of emotionally broken, historically disconnected, and alienated from their destiny and purpose.

5. Broken families = broken humanity

The result of these multiple layers of thwarted destinies was not the suppression of our hardwired instincts, but a pathological expression of our purpose. If one cannot create due to intelligence, lack of training, poor education, or absent praise during development, it doesn’t mean that the hands won’t seek to do something. destruction becomes its own purpose. Someone who has no paternal influence during their lifetime, will seek one out and replace him with an authoritarian father figure, Big Brother, The State, Stalin, etc.

If one has no connection to extended family and its history, they will seek to replace it with the traditions of Antifa or the Crips. No mate available because one is socially awkward from spending their formative years in the dark focused on a screen and all the females are involved with a string of high-value sexual partners? They will find another way to attract their attention. If you think that these soy-boys dressed up in black riot gear, wearing helmets and carrying shields into street combat is political rather than a display of sexual value, you don’t know much about young men.

Everything we are seeing is easily understood in the context of human behavior. This isn’t an aberration, it is by design. The past 50 years plus in the US is a cake recipe, specifically designed to alienate the population, divorce it from its past, render it helpless, and frustrated in order to conquer it from within. Every one of the tools used to achieve these ends, from women’s liberation and birth control- ironically a form of enslavement diabolical in nature- to the current policies of race guilt and the destruction of our history has been deliberate and intentional. No other outcome could be possible taking into account the need for each species to behave as they were designed.

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