Growth Hormone Production

Growth Hormone Production

As the name suggests, the growth hormone helps to promote growth in kids. It does so until the growth plates have fused together permanently. This hormone plays a role in maintaining normal body structure and also aids in metabolism. GH does not cause growth in adults but keeps the glucose levels within the set levels. The hormone is secreted by pituitary cells and plays a role in the growth of a child up to the end of puberty.

growth hormone kids - Growth Hormone Production

How to control the hormone

The release of the hormone is not continued but takes place in pulses of between 3-5 hours. The release may be controlled by two more hormones released by the hypothalamus. The pituitary gland is stimulated by the growth hormone-releasing hormone. It then releases the required levels of GH. It is also stimulated to release somatostatin that inhibits further releases of the hormone.
Stress, sleep, glucose level, and exercise are some of the factors that increase the production of growth hormone. Furthermore, the production is optimal at around puberty. But when a woman gets pregnant, the release of the hormone is reduced. Similarly, production of the growth hormone declines when the brain detects an increase in its level or the presence of growth like factors in the blood.

Too much production of GH

When the production of the hormone is high, it can lead to excessive growth if the production period is long. It leads to a condition referred to as acromegaly, which is characterized by swelling of the feet, hands as well as altered feet and facial features. The victim may also experience enlargement in organs and functional disorders like heart disease, diabetes, and blood pressure.

Increased production of GH could be released before children attain their final age. It makes the long bones grow excessively and results in children becoming abnormally tall. This condition is referred to as gigantism.

Low production of the growth hormone

GH deficiency causes poor growth in children and could reduce a sense of well-being. Besides, it can lead to a weak heart, increased fat, and weak bones and muscles. GH deficiency could be caused by injuring the pituitary gland or genetic factors. In adults, growth hormone deficiency could be caused by damage to the pituitary tumor, pituitary gland, or brain injury which may be caused by radiotherapy for cancer or surgery. Such a condition can be treated by injecting the patient with the hormone daily or be put on Wilson Supplements.

growth hormone production - Growth Hormone Production

Adults still need the growth hormone because it contributes to the growth of muscles and bone mass. Besides, it assists the muscles to reach the optimal level and reduces fat mass when a child develops into an adult. Furthermore, growth hormone in adults leads to a sensation of well-being and could boost energy levels. Adults who feel tired may be encountering growth hormone deficiency, which interferes with their wellbeing. Such adults could benefit from the lifelong treatment of growth hormone. Note that when such adults receive their regular GH injection, it will not lead to an increase in height but help in other body processes.

GH is an important hormone that stimulates protein synthesis to help children to grow in height. It also increases fat breakdown resulting in the energy the body requires for tissue growth. It also stimulates the tissues and the liver to release insulin-like factors to help stimulate growth.

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