The More You Sound Like Everyone Else, The Less Interesting You Are

Good concept to review below. Especially since the “Mile Square” certainly looks and feels more like a drone factory each day that passes by. Hardly anyone goes against the grain for the big-picture topics.

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The More You Sound Like Everyone Else, The Less Interesting You Are

via Harrison Koehli and Corey Schink

There’s a reason teenagers want to be individuals, yet end up sounding like carbon copies of their peers: they actually want to be like everyone else. And while most grown-ups probably think they’ve grown out of such mindless conformity, they haven’t. Adults discussing hot-button issues sound like clones of each other for the same reason: they’re not actually thinking for themselves.

College and university professors, the mind vice of social media like Twitter, mainstream political pundits, or just everyday peer-group influence: all provide the material with which to form convictions and opinions that are not really your own. It may be comforting to know you’re just like everyone else, and all the evil is within the people you disagree with, but it doesn’t make you original, authentic, or right. And to anyone looking in from the outside, you just sound like a mindless automaton speaking someone else’s words.

Today on MindMatters we discuss these issues: conformity, originality, authenticity, and breaking free from the prison of ideological language designed not to find the truth, but as a weapon to bludgeon one’s ideological enemies.

(411 Note: – A knee-jerk reaction would be to say it is hypocritical to re-post and share an existing body of work. But only to the simple-minded. Careful curation and dissemination of information on a media platform is still crucial and varies greatly from individual personality and vernacular.)

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